4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{23.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~

"Xavier Newsom...what were you thinking getting into a fight with Nilo?" 

"Hey Heather" I said sitting in the car. 

"Sooo what were you thinking? He is beyond crazy." She waited for my answer. 

"Not right now Heather ... I’m not in the mood!!" 

"What’s wrong with you?” She said hopping in the car. 

"Nothing ... I'm just going through some things ... Cassidy doesn’t want me to be in the baby’s life, my mom is angry with me, I just don’t know what to do." I said not even realizing what I had just said. Heather started laughing un-controllably. 

"What in the hell did you just say?" 

"I said I just don't know what to do!!" 

"No doofus ... Before that." she said with a serious face. 

"My mom is angry with me..." I said looking lost at why she looked so angry. 

"Did you just say Cassidy doesn’t want you in the baby’s life...?" 

"NO ... I straightened up in my seat ... I said My--" 

"I know what you just said ... But pause what makes you think you're the father of her baby? You just got here ...come on Xavier stop being crazy and get out the car your gonna miss first period." 

"Cassidy is having my baby Heather." I yelled as she pulled my arm. 

"No its not ... Heather threw her hands up ... And you said it yourself she doesn't even like you ... So how could that be your baby? You never slept with her... HAVE YOU?"I was silent looking through out the window at the kids getting out their cars and walking to the school building. 

"Xavier!!!Have you?" 

"Not right now Cassidy ... Damn!" 

"You just called me Cassidy ... That is your baby. Oh my god you serious right now ... but  how did this happen you've only been here two weeks she's like a month and a half weeks preggos!" 

"Cassidy ... Heather ... Whatever look it's a long story." I yelled. Annoyed and sleepy.

"Sorry man look I didn't know you were that pissed ... but hey I'm here to listen we got all day!!"Heather looked into my eyes ... her eyes glowed with the morning sun coming through the window. Her face just as serious as mine. 

"Well point blank ... I got her pregnant and now she doesn't want me to be with the baby or with her." 

"So when did this happen?"She asked sitting half way in the seat as the late bell rang. 

"Summer camp..." 

"Summer camp." Heather said surprised with a half smile and a chuckle. 

"Yeah ... We hooked up there and after summer camp my sister broke my phone so we lost touch which kind of started the drama, and when I moved here I had no idea she went to this school." 

"Until she came in the class right?" 

"Yeah ... my first day." 

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