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He by Tinydreamer01
Heby Lazina🥀
Every girl desires to have her Prince Charming or a knight in a shining armor. What if our Cinderella makes her way to her prince, not the prince of the palace but princ...
Are you mine? ✓ by Emm_Jayy_
Are you mine? ✓by Emm_Jayy_
We've all heard about 'the main character'. The type of person who lives through the most dramatic and improbable situations, and finds the kind of epic romance you only...
Never Looking Back ✔ by serial-chiller
Never Looking Back ✔by T
~Completed~ Emily. A girl very happy till some life events changed her into the exact opposite of the girl that she once was. Then one day she thought why not escape fr...
Letting Them In by xxraspberrygurlxx
Letting Them Inby Arie🍁
"Everyone has a fudged up chapter in their lives, I also have one named brothers!" The maze of life brings the 13 years old package of beauty, brains and brave...
Levi x Titan! Reader (Original) by GentleBara
Levi x Titan! Reader (Original)by Beth
You have been a titan for as long as you could remember, but you don't exhibit the typical behaviour of a titan. You chose to actively avoid humanity until one day, wher...
Manan ff:Reason Behind My Existence by Moon_Malhotra
Manan ff:Reason Behind My Existenceby Moon Malhotra
Hii guys...Moon very new to Wattpad and this is my first story am quite nervous...I want your support guys... All I can say that this is totally a diff...
Blood. [Parts 1 and 2] by Midnight_Memories210
Blood. [Parts 1 and 2]by Midnight_Memories
This story starts with an independent Capo moving on to A new becoming one to the one that was broken and fights for her life and.....for the others that died and lastly...
𝐏𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐎𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐄 ─ graphic portfolio by goodhYOUman
❝ THE POWER OF THREE WILL SET US FREE. ❞ graphic portfolio
Along Came Timi✅ by Dhreem
Along Came Timi✅by Joyce
Love can change people. Love Endures. Love can't be explained. Love is REAL. 'Along Came Timi' is a love story about two teenagers who's only wish is to be together. ...
Living  within the same walls by Midnight_Memories210
Living within the same wallsby Midnight_Memories
"Ainsley Whitley your brother is here to take you" "I don't have a brother" I say looking at my 2nd eldest brother "Athena I know you remember...
Is she mine?? by MansiParmar9
Is she mine??by Mansi Parmar
Swara is singer and lives in Sunshine orphanage.. she is orphan but naughty girl and always finds happiness.. Sanskar is in coma from 5 months as he witnessed one accide...
My Alpha Mate Rejects Me!! by YourMyNeverland
My Alpha Mate Rejects Me!!by YourMyNeverland
[THIS STORY WILL CONTAINS SEXUAL SENSE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THAT THEN DON'T READ IT!] This is a story about a girl names Lilly who just turned 16 hoping to fined her mate...
Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitz by jessie_bell2001
Powerful Emotions- Ezra Fitzby Slytherin Queen
She, Mia, was Alison's twin sister; Don't worry she's nothing like Alison. But that doesn't mean she wont kill whoever killed her.
A girl that nobody wants. by Lagingdipinipili
A girl that nobody Andrea irudistan(2)
Naranasan mo ba bang di pinili? kahit na ikaw yung laging nasa tabi? kahit na ikaw yung nauna? Maria Andrei Siryon wants to be chosen, but life was unlucky to her, bec...
She's Mine by GlobalApocalype
She's Mineby Dream.P
Jamie is a new girl shes shy but not the one to mess with and keeps to her self Hunter hes Mr.Popular hes outgoing and well,the schools bad boy Jamie has a deadly secre...
 ' Undying Love ' A Kny Headshots by Ms_kozo
' Undying Love ' A Kny Headshotsby shoutowt
This is a scenario book where you and your pillar boyfriend. Hope you enjoy it and pls check out my other book ' a pillar lemons.'
FEISTY BeasT by user316714523267
FEISTY BeasTby Habo-j
I aburtly stand from my bed when I heard my apartment door opening with a 'THUD' sound.I quickly run to the front room only to see a guy sucking a blonde gals face, so b...
baby;noah flynn by trustmeidkeither
baby;noah flynnby y i k e s
"all i want is you baby" psa:this is my very first book:)) if y'all can give me any tips that would be great other then that enjoy<3
Completed Stories You Might Enjoy by KhushiAzim
Completed Stories You Might Enjoyby Khushi
I'm going to share some stories here that I enjoyed reading and hope you enjoy too. I may add some 'uncomplete' stories if i like them but it'll say uncomplete next to t...
The Journey by naina102030
The Journeyby Naina Sharma
■■ "You know what matters? It's-" "It's the journey that matters, not the destination." "Wrong. It's not the journey or the destination, it's t...