4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{11.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~ 

~*1week later*~

"Xavier, We need to talk." My mother said as I sat on the couch watching old re-runs of good times. 

"About what ma?" 

"Well while you were at Camp Zumis--" 

"Zuma ma Camp Zuma!" I laughed at her mistake but her face remained serious. 

"Whatever, Can you turn the TV down please, you know ever since you came back from that camp you've changed, and I don’t like it. I just don’t know." She said changing the subject. 

"Mom, what did you want to talk to me about?" I said breaking her thoughts. 

"Well when you were at Camp, My job called and told me that their moving the company and they want me and about ten other coworkers to join them so Xavier we moving" She said getting excited and jumping up and down, I remained silent. 

"What! moving?...Where?" 

"Were moving to Leighton you'll go to Lander High and Sadie Will--" 

"Mom, stop were moving, I've been here a week, school starts in a week ... I can’t graduate this year from a school I only went to for nine or ten months this is some bull--" 

"Xavier if you finish that statement I will slap you into another tomorrow, look son I know your afraid of moving, and your goning to miss your friends but this is a once in a lifetime oppertunity, I can’t pass this up just because you don’t want to graduate from a different schoot, This job means more money, a better house, a better car. Everything! Think about it Xavier" 

"Mom I’m going to be 18 in a month I'll be old enough to live on my own, how about I live here and---" 

"Hell no, thats not going to happen!!" She said shaking her head. 

"Why not?" 

"Don’t ask stupid questions were moving to Leighton and that’s final, Now make yourself useful and start packing." 

"I've been here for a week if you had told me then we would have already been packed." I yelled as she walked down the hall. 

"Start Packing Xavier NOW!!" 

"This is some bullshit." I mumbled to my self, turning up the TV and continuing to watch J.J. and Thelma fight and name call. 

"Xavier, mama said start pack now because your not to old to get an ass whooping." My sister said as she ate a bag of chips. 

"Have you packed?" 

"Yep, and so did mom, the only thing we haven't packed was the dishes and the stuff in the living room, ohh and your stuff." 

"Go away Sadie!!" 

"No, mama said I can watch TV since your gonna be packing."

“I’ll pay you to pack my room!” Sadie turned around on the couch.

“How much are we talking?” 

“5 bucks!”

“No way, get outta here.”

"Brat." I said giving her the finger and walking to my room, when I got there 8 boxes were sitting on my bed along with a couple of bags and tape. 

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