4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{5.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~

I stood in the woods for about an hour trying to think of something to say to Cassidy and it began to get dark and the music from the dance began to play, so I decided to walk back up the trail to Cassidy’s cabin. 

"Hey lover." Sasha said stopping me in my tracks. 

"Get away from me Sasha." I said moving her out the way. 

"But, Xavier…didn’t that kiss mean anything to you?" 

"What do you think?" 

"fine! Ughh." She said stomping her foot and walking off. When I got to Cassidy’s cabin I heard her favorite Song playing on the radio that the campus provided. I took a deep breath and walked into the cabin, preparing myself. 


"GO AWAY!!" She yelled in between sobbs. 

"I know your mad but we need to talk about this ... About what you saw." 

"I dont have anything to say to you!" 

"Well, I've got something to say, you don’t have to reply Cassidy but i would love for you to listen." I said sitting on the bunk next to her, Cassidy was silent but I could still hear her low sobbs. 

"Okay … I took a deep breath … So I just want you to know that, I know your mad and I promise she kissed me and what you saw was never suposed to happen, she i mean we were walking down the trail,and she said she saw you and started to run then she hurt her ankle. And Cassidy I know you don’t care about a thing I’m saying but well I love you and after we leave the day after tomorrow I just want to know if you feel the same way." The room grew silent for a few minuets and I shifted on the bed.

"Are you done?" Cassidy mumbled under her blanket 

"I’m never gonna be done trying to explain myself to you!" 

"Why did you sleep with her Xavier?" 

"What...Why did I What?" I asked looking confused at why she would say that. 

"So you did sleep with her, I knew it. I can tell by the way your acting." She finally came from under her blanket and gave me a death glare. 

"Cassidy ... I would never sleep with her!!" She ignored my words and continued to speak.

"Sure, I should have never talked to you that day if I had known you were just using me for Sasha it was only a matter of--" 

"Cassidy!" I yelled over the the song that got louder with her anger. 

"What?" She said sitting up with tears rolling down her face. 

"You have to believe me i never slept with her, I don’t like her... I know she's your friend but i promise I would never stoop that low!" Cassidy cut off the radio and grabbed her ipod out of the holder, walking into the bathroom. Staring into the mirror I followed behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist, and waited for her to reject my hug. 

"So ... you didn’t sleep with her?" She whispered, my head resting on her shoulder as we both looked into the mirror. 


"And you wasn’t using me to get to her?" 

"Hell No!" I kissed her cheek and wiped her remaining tears. 

"Do you really love me?" She said turning around facing me while my arms were still wrapped around her waist with her back up against the sink. 

"Yes, a million times." I pulled Cassidy’s body closer to mine and smiled. 

"Good because, I love you too. I really do Xavier." I kissed Cassidy on her lips then wiped her tear stains away. 

"Would you like to dance my lady?" I said kissing Cassidy once again. The music from the dance echoed in the night right into the cabin, Cassidy laughed a little, and lead the way back into the room with the bunk beds  and wrapped her arms around my shoulders as we danced to the slow song, It only felt right to have my new girl with me on this special night and I even got my dance I longed for.

"I love you Xavier."

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