4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{70.}

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This Chapter is gonna be a little short just so you know so ENJOY......

*~Xavier's POV~*

"What did you just say?" I said stopping and turning around.

"I said...I pregnant," she said in a low whisper.

"No your not," I said shaking my head.

"How would you know?"

"Your just saying that so I will stay with you...I don't have time to play games Zaria." And with that I walked off towards my car.

"So what you don't believe me?" I ignored her and started my car. I drove for two hours until I finally made it back to Leighton, Back to my home.

"Ughh, please be home..." I whispered as I knocked on the door. I got no answer. I took a seat on the bench and waited twenty minuets waiting on someone to come home, Until my phone rang.


"I want you to come home...I'm sorry cant we talk about this Xavier?" Zaria said crying and sobbing into the phone.

"There is nothing to talk about...you knew all along that there was nothing between us...Didn't you?"

"I didn't know when I woke up that day...but like a week or so later I got my memory back..."

"So you got your memory back and then what? You were just so caught up in your little game you didn't even think about telling me...And what about the doctor visits you told all of them lies...You said we lived in that apartment since before the crash, then you made up that bullshit story about how I purposed to you on the beach...what the fuck was that Zaria...Was that your plan when you sat with me...DID YOU plan the plane crash?" My face became hot and red with anger. Zaria remained silent, then took a deep breath.

"Xavier...No I didn't plan that damn plane crash...There is just something about you that makes a girl instantly fall in love with you." I began to have a memory of Sasha...Then kinda smiled.

"Xavier...you still there?" I jumped back to reality.

"Are you done....?"

"Ughh...Xavier...Please...why do you want to go back with that girl im much better than her...and she doesn't even know if that baby is your or her so called step brother...or should I say Ex boyfriend!!"

"What in the hell are you talking about?"

"Never mind..."

"No Start explaining...how do you know about what Cassidy and I have been through?"

"I just do okay..."

"Are you some kind of stawker or something...how do you know thas stuff...and what do you mean Step brother...or Ex boyfriend?"

"If you come home we can talk about this," she said nervously.

"So are you really pregnant because I don't have time to be in a triangle...And I really don't have time to have a baby with a girl I don't know, love or even LIKE!!!" She took a deep breath. "I will never find a guy as sweet an care free as you...And what I did was no like me..." Zaria started to ramble on we were on the phone for two hours and it was almost 8 oclock in the morning when a car pulled up in the drive way. I stood still on the porch until I could see who was getting out.

"And then pulling a knife---"



"I have to go...!!"

"NO...wait are you coming back to me?" she said blowing her nose.

"Bye..!! Oh and lose my number." I slamed my phone shut and stood to my feet.

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