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Brothers Conflict MPREG! by My_Name_Is_Akai
Brothers Conflict MPREG!by Arashi Shingoji
BROTHERS CONFLICT MPREG! The pictures used to make the cover aren't mine! (I don't own Brothers Conflict!)
Birth Stories by hot_words_writer
Birth Storiesby Allie
Here are some of my stories, all fairly short, about different birth themes, from lesbian to in the woods and even one alone in a mall bathroom. These are definitely a l...
Shattered Hearts (TP1) by pseudoannie
Shattered Hearts (TP1)by Annie
(Complete) Peter isn't prepared for the reality of another man spending the night with his ex. He should be, but his heart has never let her go. Peter, who was abandone...
The America/Hetalia one-shot book no one needed nor wanted by DragonPrincess22
The America/Hetalia one-shot Cassidy
I think it's pretty evident. But, mostly I torture America/Alfred in any way I see fit that doesn't spoil my other stories too much and maybe throw in the other countrie...
Marriage with လံုးငယ္​ (Season 1) by naneikhin
Marriage with လံုးငယ္​ (Season 1)by naneikhin
Chanyeol-ငါ့မွာရည္​ရြယ္​ထားတဲ့သူ႐ွိတယ္​​ေလကြာ....လံုးငယ္​အာ့​ေတာ့မင္​းဘက္​ကျငင္​း​ေပးပါ... Baekhyun-Hyung Chan..ကိုက်​ေနာ္​ကိုယ္​တိုင္​လည္​းခ်စ္​သလို..က်​ေနာ္​ommaကိုလည္...
I'll always love you (M with လံုးငယ္ Season 2) by naneikhin
I'll always love you (M with လံုးင naneikhin
Baekhyun hyung မွတ္မိသည္ျဖစ္ေစ မမွတ္မိသည္ျဖစ္ေစhyungကအရင္ဘ၀ကေရာအခုဘ၀နဲ႔ေနာက္လာမဲ့ဘ၀ေတြမွာပါအၿမဲတမ္းက်ေနာ့္အပိုင္ပဲ............
Meant To Be Together by eun_jung7
Meant To Be Togetherby eun_jung•●•
About the story: When they met for the first time, it wasn't pleasant at all, at least not for her....she thought she'd never see him again whereas he wanted to meet her...
Dark Premonitions✔ by Chocolateydaisy
Dark Premonitions✔by 𝑖 𝑧 𝑧 𝑦
Featured on the Newly Written Books reading list, "Abandon all hope." *** Suzy is finally ready for a fresh start. After being a victim in a fatal near death...
Seized by him?  by brainnybrain21
Seized by him? by brainnybrain21
Jennifer Jones is the assistant director in a well know the company. A workaholic as well as an aloof beauty. She is an independent girl with some bad past. On the othe...
Best Friends Forever by uhyeah67
Best Friends Foreverby uh yeah
Best friends Faryn Tate and Amy Baker fell in love over the summer holidays. Now, they're going back to school. What challenges will they face? And what will happen once...
Lucius Wagner X Female Infant!Reader by rerebaker14
Lucius Wagner X Female Infant! Becky Thorn
You, Y/N Wagner, are the youngest child and only daughter of the Wagners. You are also the younger sister of Lucius Wagner. 𝓢𝓸𝓻𝓻𝔂. 𝓘𝓽'𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻-𝓷𝓮...
The Disappeared by MaryLouLeach
The Disappearedby Marylou Leach
Suga disappeared one day without a trace, only to reappear almost twenty five years later wearing the same clothes he was last seen in and without aging a day. He strug...
AriYa ~ Love Of My Life.... by Gunjun
AriYa ~ Love Of My Kittu Arora
A simple cute OS on Arjun & Riya from Har Yug Mein Aayega ~ Arjun....
My Girl👩‍👧💞 by hbkswagger
My Girl👩‍👧💞by Tiny 🌻
A 17 year old girl named Nova Jacobs became pregnant with her daughter while in her last year of high school .Not knowing how to raise a child when she's a child herself...
Carl x Judy | ✔ by yangri
Carl x Judy | ✔by crybaby witch
Carl finally gets his woman OWO
A Baker's Dozen of Christmas What-Ifs by Picturina
A Baker's Dozen of Christmas Picturina
Thirteen short stories I submitted as entries into the "Twelve Prompts of Christmas" contest, created by Carol Ann Shaw (@WriterOnTheIsland). Each of these s...
Just Like Always (JunHao A/B/O) by blushwings
Just Like Always (JunHao A/B/O)by Andromeda
Jeonghan finding him in the middle of giving birth on his bedroom floor was not a high point of Junhui's life. Or: Jun gets sent home from practice with stomach cramps a...
Moomy and Dadfoot by dope_wolfstar
Moomy and Dadfootby dope_wolfstar
What if the truth was revealed earlier? What if Peter went to Azkaban in place of Sirius? I reckon Harry would not have spent 12 years in the saddest muggle street, 4 Pr...
silkspun (BruAbba Mpreg) by blushwings
silkspun (BruAbba Mpreg)by Andromeda
"Bruno," Abbacchio huffed out, digging in his heels as his capo pushed him toward the door. "Wait, no, I-" He whimpered and curled in on himself thro...