4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{26.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

"Hey how did the ultrasound go?"I said to Asia as we walked to our next class. 

"It went good..Cassidy I wish you could have seen Rey’s face when the doctor told me I was having twins..But she was just joking it was so funny his mouth dropped to the floor." 

"Wow really?" 

"Yeah then after we left there he took me to babies R us because we have a registry there it was so cute how he picked out stuff for the baby." 

"Awe,” I said in a lovely tone with my head to the side. 

"So..Tell me what happen why the police at your house were?!?" 

"My mom’s physco ex boyfriend who we got a restraining order on came and held my mom hostage..." 


"Yeah..And then he...he shot her..." 

"What..Is she okay?" 

"Yeah, I hope I haven’t talked to her I was gonna go up to the hospital this afternoon, but Ted shot himself..He died of course." 

"Wow..I’m shocked are you okay?" 

"Yeah..I’m fine as long as my mother’s okay..I...I’m okay," I said holding back tears, Asia gave me a hug then turned around. 

"Hey you two..." 

"Hey Court, what's up?" 

"Hey Court" 

"Hey Asia, Cassidy nothing much, uh are you crying Cassidy ... What's wrong?" 

"Ehh emm, you know Ted right?" 

"Yeah.. That crazy dude your mom use to date?" 

"Yeah him.. Well he took my mom hostage beat up Xavier then stabbed my mom shot and himself." 

"When did this happen?" 

"Yesterday afternoon."I said looking at my hands in my lap. 

"Awe I’m sorry to hear that your moms okay right?" 

"Yeah.. You want to go with me this afternoon to the hospital? 

"Of course I would."She said smiling and giving me a hug and rubbing my belly. 


"Excuse me can you tell me what room, Candace Ericson is in?" 

"Are you two family?" 

"Yes,we're her daughters!!" 

"Okay well she's in room 2134 and it says here she hasn’t filled out the incurrence papers so if you could fill out these paper and get them back to me as soon as possible." 

"Okay thanks, Come on Court." I said snatching the paper and rushing to her room. 

"Here's the room over here Cass." Courtney said from the end of the hallway. 

"Oh okay..."I walked into the room.. My mom had a IV in her arm and a machine next to her bed. 

"Cassidy...Cass ... she cleared her throat ... Is that you?" She said coughing and trying to sit up. 

"Yeah.. It's me and Courtney. How are you feeling?" 

"Good now that your here!!" 

"When can you leave?"I said knelling at her bed side. 

"I think they said I a week, they had to give me a ... a uh blood transfusion, so I’m a little weak." 

"Weak..Is there anything I can get you?" 

"No honey." She said holding back coughs. 

"You need any water?" 

"No..I’m fine ehh emm." 

"Well I have some paper work to fill out for your incurrence."After an hour of filling out insurance papers my mother was asleep and so was Courtney. 

"Hey court..Court wake up!!" 

"Huh you done already?"She said wiping her eyes. 

"Yeah let’s go!! So my mom can rest." 

"Okay you got the incurrence papers done?" 

"Yeah."I gave my mom a kiss and left the card, flowers and get well soon balloons next to her bed, grabbed my purse an left. 

"Well your mom sounded good...besides the coughing." 

"Yeah..I hope she's okay...I don’t want to put anyone down but I don’t know what I would do without her, she's my everything." 

"Don’t worry girl she will be back to your crazy mom in no time,” Courtney joke. 

"I hope so." 


~*Xavier’s POV*~ 

"Where is she,” I said looking at the clock on my phone, I have to call her"  


"Hey Cass..Where are you..Are you all right?" 

"Yeah Xavier, everything fine I just went to go see my mom okay." 

"Oh okay." I said with a sigh of relegh 

"Yeah calm down babe..Courtney is gonna take me home..I'll see you later.." 

"Oh so how is your mom?" 

"She’s good..She getting better!!" 

"That good." 

"Yeah...so um I'll talk to you later okay?!" 

"Okay love you!!" 

"Me too bye, “She said rushing off the phone. I was so shocked at how fast she rushed off the phone I just laid down and went to sleep until she called. 

I know the Xaavier POV part is boring but I just wanted to add him in anyway hope you loke and comment and vote vote and comment***

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