4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{31.}

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~*Cassidys POV*~

"Cassidy,Cassidy wake up guess whos home!!"Xavier said wakeing me out of my wonderful dream..I was just about to find out the sex of the babies.

"What did you say?"

"Guess whos home?"

"My MoM,"I said struggling to get up like a turtle on its back.

"Hold on baby I got you,"he said grunting.

"WoW am I really that heavy to had to grunt and take a deep breath like that."

"Sorry babe..how was your nap?"

"It was good...MoM..."

"Hey Cassidy baby..Im home!!"

"I know,"I said giving her a long hug.

"Well how are you mama?"

"If fine,and tired."

"I'll See you later Cassidy..I have to pick Sadie up from her friends house."

"Okay,love you babe,"I said giving him a kiss and a halfway hug,Xavier kissed my stomach and gave my mom a hug and kiss also.

"Hope your feeling much better Candace."

"I am thanks for the ride home Xavier."


"SO MoM...really are you feeling okay?Do you need anything?"

"No,Just rest...you should get some too."

"You dont have to tell me twice."My mom laughed then closed her eyes while laying on he couch.


~*Xaviers POV*~

[Month 7~3 Months later]

"Hey Xavier your girl is about to pop you sure she's supose to be at school,she like what 10 months?"

"Shut up Richie man,thats not funny,"I yell to the other Baseball players.

"Look X...Im just saying shes huge okay!!"

"Yeah Yeah...You sure Courtneys not pregnant!!Why your worrying about my girl."Richie just stood there looking shocked.

"Is?Is she man?WHat has she been saying to Cassidy?"

"Nothing,I was jokeing calm your nerves dude!!!"

"Dont fuck with me like that,I cant have any kids right now Not untill I make it to the Major Leagues."

"Shes not pregnant..trust me."

"Okay Lions,The coach screamed,The score it 4 to 3 where in the bottom of the 9 we have 1 strick and 1 run,Darius I want you on second Richie you pitch and Xavier your on 1st,Lets get out there and get that Home...Who are we?"

"LIONS"we said in unison.

"And What do Lions Do?"

"We ROAR!!!"

"Well lets get out there and let them hear you roar!!,"The coach yell as we exited the dug out.

["Okay,Xavier bottom of the 9th you got home the wolves got second and third,I thought to myself as the play started...I barely heard anything but the cheerleaders cheering,I took a deep breath,It felt as if everything was going in slow motion,Drake had the ball he throws it to Darius it comes to me....And Its.An.OUT!!!"]

And with that we won 4 to 3...the crowd screamed.

"Yeah,Way to go X!!"

"Way to go Newsome,Way to go to all of you...You all did good this season now let..."

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