4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{9.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~



"Carlos." I yelled looking lost, while we pulled the two girls of of eachother. 


"Get off of me Xavier." Cassidy said pushing my away and using her jacket sleve to wipe the blood off of her lip. 

"What the hell is going on here?" Everyone was silent. 

"Well, Carlos said breaking the silence I dont know I heard screaming so I ran over" 

"Cassidy? Sasha?" 

"She found the note." 

"You mean the note me and Cassidy are breaking up over? The note you made up in your fantasy world?" 

"Xavier, stop!!." Cassidy yelled. 

"Cassidy, she wrote that note not me!!" 

"Wait what note?" Carlos said looking lost. 

"ugh I feel sick." Cassidy said running off. 

"Cassidy wait, Sasha how could you do that?" 

"I’m sorry Xavier, I tried to find you but i couldn’t that wasn’t meant to happen I promise." 

"Well it did, And this time sorry is like trash coming out of your mouth. You need to learn to look before you leap next time, Carlos good luck with this one." I said point to Carlos and sprinting to catch up with Cassidy. 

"Cassidy, Cassidy you in here? Cass?" 

"I’m out here!" She yelled from the balcony. 

"Hey, are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I’m fine, I cut my lip but I’m okay.  Xavier I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. I just really care for you and I gave you a piece of me that I, that I just can’t get back and then for Sasha to be my so-called friend. I really thought she was being truthful." Cassidy said sitting with her legs pushed up to her chest. 

"I understand, I do love you Cassidy and if you don’t want to be with me anymore I understand that too. I just want you to know I never slept with her and I wasn’t lying when I told you you were my first." 

"Yeah now I know that!" 

"So are we over?" I said looking curious. 

"I don’t know, I just wanna lay down, I’m tired, beating someone up takes a lot out of you." She said getting off the bench and going into the room, After she laid down I took off my jacket and laid down with her to make her feel better. 

"You don’t have to stay. I don’t want to get you in trouble if we get caught." She said looking into my eyes.  

"It doesn’t matter I want to. And besides, it’s almost the last day they can’t get mad." Cassidy giggles.


“You were pounding on poor Sasha.”

“I was wasn’t I? I guess those boxing lessons really do work.”

“You box?”

“On the playstation yeah!” Cassidy and I laughed in unison.

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“After we leave?”


“Good question, I don’t know. I guess we can keep in touch, visit every once in a while. You know.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“I know. Just a thought.”

“We just got to see what’s next.”

“I guess.” Cassidy and I sat in silence until we both fell asleep.

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