4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{49.}

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**Okay all my fans and people who read my story and have not become a fan of the infamous DeeStory haha I have the biggest chapter problem ever...You wanna know what it is...COME CLOSER>>>CLOSER>>>>>A LITTLE CLOSER>>>>OKAY YOUR A LITTLE TOO CLOSE just kidding so my plan was to have 50..YES 50 chapters but Im REALLY debating if I should have 55 instead So ima let yall be the judge because if I have 50 i will have to cram every thing in the next two chapters and another thing I HATE un even chapters lol im a viro nd im weird like that soooo 5O or 55????????? ANYWAY.....ENJOY.........**

~*Cassidy's POV*~

As a plot to get Sadies new boyfriend a drink of water I decided to pull her out of the house and onto the back porch for a little chat.

"So,Sadie...What were you thinking?"

"I dont know I love drew and drew love me..And when you love someone you sleep with them...Right?"

"Sadie..When you love someone you show them in other ways then sex."

"Dont you love Xavier?"


"And you had sex with him and look at you now 8months pregnant."he words felt loike a punch to the face.

"Sadie I didnt get pregnant on purpose and yes I love your brother and Yes we had sex..Which was a big mistake but..You 14 years old Sadie your too young for sex..if you loved Drew that much you could have waited..."

"I know but I didnt want to wait...I wanted Drew and I wanted him now and if you of all people dont understand that then you can fuck off."She said standing up.

"Sit down Sadie...why did you want to have sex with him so early?"

"Didnt you hear me?Because were in love."She protested.

"What do you love about him?"Sadie looked down at her hands then out towards the backyard.

"Drew is diffrent he's funny,sweet,nice..My MoM likes him."

"Your MoM has met him before?"

"Yeah,and she thinks he is a nice boy..even if he is a year older."I shrugged my sholders.

"When you had sex with him for the first time..he used protection..Right?"

"Well,we looked around in Xaviers room for condoms we found one but Drew couldnt fit it."

"Ohh too big?"

"NO...to small..."I couldnt help but laugh at what she just said thinking about how Xavier uses a large condom I could only imagine why the boy would need a bigger one,I quickly wiped the very distrubing thought out of my head for the sake of my babies sake and because Sadie was snapping her fingers in my face.

"Ohh what were you saying?"

"I was saying after we put the condom back were we found it I just told him that was okay we didnt really need one because I heard I was more comfortable without one anyway and after that we went to my room and well you know what happen after that...."she said nonchalantly.

"WoW umm...WoW Sadie and when did this happen?"

"Exactly three weeks ago"she said smileing and going off into her own world.

"I need to lay down.This is way to much,"I said taking a sip of my juice.


"Yeah Sadie?"

"How does it feel..You know being pregnant?"

"Well,I guess with one baby Its not as hard...But with twins its like carring a box full of cans,but dont get me wrong I have good times too like waking up to a kicking baby it feels good to know there safe and still alive..but there are bad times to because when your stressed or angry the baby is too and when your happy they are too...You Not thinking of having a baby are you sadie?"I questioned her with one eyebrow raised.

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