4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{47.}

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*A/N Before I start I just wanna say hey what up lol and sowie it took so damn long yall know the story lollol oh and please read the bottom cause I have a question that I really need A answer to!!! well as I allways Say ENJOY................*

*~Xaviers POV~*

"Yeah..So wow I had a feeling you and Snooze had a thing going on.."

"Ohh Haha Xsquared haha but yeah..Were going good..Im not thinking about kids but..well you know....And we both might go to the same college...He makes me so damn happy."

"Yeah..Thats How I feel with Cassidy,"I said starting my car.

"Speaking of Cassidy,When Are you gonna tell her about the schlorship?"

"Im gonna tell her on the way home..."

"Oh and The Apartment..Because if you two dont want it..Ehh Emm...Me I need a new place to stay too because my MoM it crazy."

"I..I will keep that in mind Heather."

"You Better...,"She said as we stood there listening to the music on the radio.

"Xavier...Xavier..."Cassidy said walking over to my car as fast as her fully pregnant body would allow her.

"Slow down..Breath...Whats up?"


"Hey Cass..."She said smileing alittle.

"Xavier..It..Its Asia..She...Her water broke..In class!!"

"What,"Heather and I said in unison.

"Yeah..as we were taking our exams she though she had to go to the restroom so she asked Mrs.Hubbard and she said No and as soon As Asia was about to walk out of class her water broke."She said heavy breathing and grabbing her stomach.

"Here have a seat.So is she at the hospital?"

"Yeah..And Rey got here just in time to go with her."

"WoW are you serious in class..I bet Mrs.Hubbard went crazy,"Heather said shaking her head with her hand over her mouth.

"Yeah...I told her I will talk to her later."

"Are you two gonna head to the hospital now?"

"Xavier do you wanna go now?"I said looking into her eyes.

"Yeah,But you have to come back and get his car..here's his keys."She said closeing the door.

"Well,You two be safe..Talk to you two later."

"Bye Heather.."


"Well,I have to stop by the house before we head up there okay Cass."

"Okay,Im so tired..I told the counslor lady that I'm gonna take the leave..I cant walk around that school any more I get tired way too easy."

"Oh Yeah..I understand..."I sttudard.

"Ohh So tell me why you were so late getting to class?"

"Ohh I got a schlorship to a baseball camp...Me,Richie and 6 other guys from the team to go to this training camp with the Major leagues...Isnt that great."

"Baby...That Wonderful...Thats Fantastic!! Im so excited for you."She said kissing my cheek.

"Baby..Sit back,I dont like you leaning over in the seat like that."

"Sorry Poppy...So when does the camp start?"

"Oh Just amonthaftergraduation..."

"Excuse you when?"

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