4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{25.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, hash brown, toast and sausages so I followed the smell to see Xavier still in his pajamas. 

"What is all this for?" 

"Grab a plate and have a seat and eat so you can have breakfast before we go to school." 

"But I don't have any--" 

"Cloths it's okay, you still have some here remember?" 

"Ohh yeah I forgot ... aren't you gonna eat?"I said sitting down with my plate. 

"Already did ... enjoy your breakfast. I'm gonna go take a shower, your cloths are on the couch over there." Xavier gave me a kiss and went into his room to take off his cloths. 

"Eww put some clothes on." I said as he walked naked out his bedroom to get to get to the bathroom. 

"Ohh come on baby you know you want this." 

"Wooh yeah come baby." I joke as he stood in front of me showing his nakedness off, I kiss his wonderful six pack, slapped him on the butt then shoved him towards the bathroom. 

"Okay okay ... you gonna join me we gotta preserve the water in this house." 



"Yeah ... if you let me eat I will." 

"All right, but you're missing out on a good shower." 

"GO! … I laughed and took a bite of the food, soon after spitting it out … Cooking is one thing he can’t do well ugh.” I laid the fork down and grabbed my clothes joining him in the shower. 

"I see you decided to join me!" He said as the water hit our naked bodies. 

"Oh my god..." 

"What ... what!!" 

"Eww Xavier how could you look at me?" 

"What do you mean you're beautiful!" 

"No I'm not I look fat God look at me, my nose is spreading!" I said with tears in my eyes as I sat down on the side of the tub. 

"Fat ... Baby where did that come from?" 

"Yes I do ...Yes I do look. Look at my belly it looks disgusting." 

"Look at me Cass you look beautiful, the water hitting your body makes you even more beautiful don't cry." 

"I'm sorry Xavier.. I ruined the mood huh?"I said trying to stop the tears. 

"No, No ... Hey I’m going to let you finish taking a shower and I’m gonna go get dressed." He said rushing out of the bathroom, the door slammed causing me to jump. 




~*Xavier’s POV*~ 

I ran out the restroom and into my room forgetting I left my cloths in the bathroom, I had to find a way to get rid of this erection I had and since Cassidy was in her Emotional I feel fat mood I had to do something so I just decided to just do what guys do. 

"Xavier baby I..." 

"Cassidy," I said as soon as I began to enjoy myself, I hoped up and grabbed the towel. 

"What were you doing...were you just..." 

"Cassidy..Um I uhh was just..." 

"Enjoying yourself way too much!!" She said standing in front of the door still holding my cloths. 

"Ehh emm soo uhh are those my clothes?"Cassidy started to laugh at my left over erection as I stood there trying to hide it with one hand and grab my cloths. 

"What are you doing?" 

"I just want to get my..." 

"Ohh no you’re not getting your cloths yet.” She said throwing them down and pushing me on the bed. 

"So you wanna play rough Cassidy." I joked. 

"Ohh so you don’t want me?" 

"Hell yeah come here." I said getting on top of her, listening to her moans and screams. 




"Okay see you later baby," I said giving Cassidy a kiss on the way to class. 

"Okay. Love you."

“Love you too.” 

"Ummhmm look who’s late for class!" 

"I woke up late that’s all." 

"Sure you did Xsquared ... Sure you did." She said nodding her head. 

"No really." 

"So you and Cassidy are back together huh?" 

"Yeah we worked things out!!" 

"That’s good so she liked the baby things?" 

"She loved it and my mom added some things too." 

"Oh that’s good." 

"Mr. Newsome you’re already late so I'd advise you to listen." 

"Sorry Mrs. Davis." I looked at Heather then whispered. 

"We'll talk later…."

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