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Pretty Eyes ; Shyland by Lilac_Abyss
Pretty Eyes ; Shylandby fleur
lower case intended :) "his eyes are fierce flames of sapphire... i used to see blue as cold, like winter ice. now i understand. the hottest fires burn blue." ...
  • pretty
  • blue
  • fanfic
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Love And a Song - Adopted By Shane Dawson  by Marmite11111
Love And a Song - Adopted By Shane...by Smol Ferret
You are a big fan of Shane Dawson. When you move to L.A., there is a chance of meeting him at last. But, when your parents are killed, the future is uncertain... Hi it m...
  • morganadams
  • youtube
  • america
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Adopted by Shane Dawson by haileybug9010
Adopted by Shane Dawsonby haileybug9010
16 year old Kaitlyn was put up for adoption when she was only 8 months old. She's been waiting for the day she could leave the hell hole of a orphanage she is living in...
  • adopted
  • shane
  • lisa
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Daughter of Hank Voight by Chicago_PD_
Daughter of Hank Voightby Chicago P.D.
Hank Voight. The person everyone knows and loves. Well he had a daughter but she was taken away and he never knew about her. The mother took the daughter and out her in...
  • casey
  • dawson
  • severide
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notes ; shyland by shookshyland
notes ; shylandby c
| every day a note is left in shane's locker. |
  • shyland
  • shane
  • dawson
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Uncover  by Chicago_PD_
Uncover by Chicago P.D.
15 year old Renee was dropped off at a day care since she was 2. Never knowing her father, Barley remembering her mother. Surviving at the orphanage was hard since she w...
  • rhodes
  • dawson
  • herman
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Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver Sykes by RecklessMartinez
Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver...by Mae
Amelia Taylor was a normal girl living in Australia until she met, him. Oliver Sykes, a cocky, rude, arrogant boy who teases Amelia every chance he gets. Once Oli moves...
  • snowdon
  • hannah
  • wattpadprize14
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Hey Brother by Chicago_PD_
Hey Brotherby Chicago P.D.
Elise Casey is lieutant Matt Casey's little sister. Matt wants to protect his little sister from danger at all cost. What happens when Elise becomes a detective for the...
  • chicagomed
  • chicagopd
  • lindsay
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The Responders by Chicago_PD_
The Respondersby Chicago P.D.
Ever since Blake was younger she always wanted to be a firefighter. That was her dreams since she was 5, now 17 years later she is a firefighter for firehouse 51, squad...
  • chili
  • atwater
  • halstead
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Shane Squad One Shots/Preferences/Imagines by JessicaVisser
Shane Squad One Shots/Preferences...by Ditto4050
Idk I'm writing a long story with the squad as well and that sparks little ideas that just don't fit in the story but I would like to put out there. So I hope these don'...
  • adams
  • siwicki
  • ryland
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Million Reasons by Bullet-ProofLove
Million Reasonsby Bullet Proof Love
Life had given Antonio Dawson a million reasons to walk away from love but Maggie O'Neill gave him a really good one to stay.
  • kimburgess
  • hankvoight
  • antonio
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My Head Is Saying Trust Him... (Jalex) by haveityourway500
My Head Is Saying Trust Him... (Ja...by Elijah
Alex was on his way to the top. He was likable, smart and talented. He had everything going for him too. Good grades, loving parents, true friends. Jack was always the n...
  • jack
  • low
  • alex
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Too Famous (a Shoey fanfic) by WeirdMunchkin
Too Famous (a Shoey fanfic)by WeirdMunchkin
Or the one where Joey is famous and Shane's and fanboy?
  • graceffa
  • joey
  • lee
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Crowned Love || a.g//j.b by hopefulreality
Crowned Love || a.g//j.bby + jack
[Jalex Fanfiction.]
  • jack
  • barakat
  • zackmerrick
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Yesterday Is Never Coming Back [Shoey] by GoodLuckCharm0
Yesterday Is Never Coming Back [Sh...by GoodLuckCharm0
Joey and Shane found each other over and over again, having dealt with the advantages and struggles of love. Now, they're married, living in Los Angeles with their adopt...
  • youtube
  • graceffa
  • gay
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Sick Day [Shoey] by KiwiPanda
Sick Day [Shoey]by Leesee
Joey is feeling confused. Shane can't stay away.
  • dawson
  • joey
  • shoey
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Perfect (A Shoey One-Shot) by Alexshipsthat
Perfect (A Shoey One-Shot)by EvenFuckingWater
Shane doesn't believe it, but he's perfect.
  • dawceffa
  • joey
  • shane
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