4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{2.}

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~Week one ~ Day two~

The sound of the horns outside woke me out of a fantastic dream of me on a beach walking my adorable puppy. Well maybe its not that wonderful... 

"Rise and shine Cassidy" 

"umm, I mummered, nooo" 

"Come on sleeping Beauty the kids will be here any minuet, you better be glad I’m a  good friend hurry before the water get cold!"  

"Ohh I forgot the water gets cold fast," I said jumping out of bed and grabbing a extra large t-shirt and running to the cabin bathroom. About 20 minuets later we were outside in the court yard awaiting the arrival of the kids. 

"Here they come," Sasha said jumping up and down. 

"So how many kids is it gonna be?" 

"Hey uhh xavier right,"I said shivering and regreting I didn’t bring my big jacket. 

"Yeah, you remembered, and your I’m just leaving right?" 

"What, ohh I got the joke no I’m Cassidy," I said trying to get as much heat from my jacket as I could. 

"So uhh how many kid’s are there gonna be?" 

"Ohh yeah sorry well after the two camp counslors get together we have a bout 5 or 6 kids to take car of for four whole weeks!" 

"WoW 5 or 6, is that the bus?"he said pointing to the giant charter bus. 

"Come on Cass lets go," Sasha said yanking my arm again. 

"Bye again Xavier, see you later." Xavier gave me a slight wave then turn to the guy next to him and started to talk. 

"Sasha what the hell..I was talking to him and you just pulled me away!!" 

"I know but I needed to tell you something!" 


"Sasha? Cassidy?" One of the older camp counslors said inturrupting our conversation. 

"Yes Ms. Carson?" We said in unison. 

"It’s time to get into groups and help the kids to their bunkers,hurry hurry the kids are waiting!!" 

"Okay thanks for the heads up Ms.Carson,"I said a little irritated. 

"Well we better get going.." 

"No,No,I said pulling Sashas Sleeve,tell me NOW!!" 

"Okay so I kinda may have put in the box that you and Xavier should be partners,"she said shrugging her sholders and looking down. 

"WHAT!!You did What sasha how could you?!" 

"Well he is new come on Cass, he needs help,hes like a lost puppy all out here in the wilderness." 

"Fine,go to your group,I said giving her a hug and walking over to Xavier." 

"We meet again!!" 


"Are..Are you cold?,"he studdard 

"Yeah,a little" 

"Here take my coat,I have two on I kinda had a felling it was gonna be cold this morning haha."  

"Haha so what made you wanna be a camp counsler?" 

"Well I like kids and makeing there summer fun is even better." 

"Oh really thats great,man this is a very warm sweater,thanks Xavier." 

"No,prob.well I better go I have to find out who my partner is gonna be for the next four weeks." 

"Wait,oh um thats why I came over Im your partner,"I said gramming the sleeve on his jacket. 


"Yeah,lets go."As we walked over to the bus of kids,Xavier slightly put his arm around my sholder making me feel even warmer.

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