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Me Plus Two by kentrellpluskids_
Me Plus Twoby kentrellpluskids_
"I don't regret my child you see that they make me smile but if I can go back in time wish I never met you"
饾惔饾惪饾憡饾惔饾憣 饾憜 | 鉁旓笌 by inessa_Akin
饾惔饾惪饾憡饾惔饾憣 饾憜 | 鉁旓笌by inessa_Akin
When Vanessa Adler took on the position of being Aaron Huxley's assistant two years ago she didn't realize how forever her life would change when things started to spark...
饾晢饾暎饾暋饾暀饾暁饾晹 by _StrawberrySmoothie_
饾晢饾暎饾暋饾暀饾暁饾晹by _StrawberrySmoothie_
饾槚饾槼饾槺饾槱饾槳饾槫- mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding -------------馃巰馃巰------------ She's never been outside of her house. It hadn't ever been a probl...
Accidental Attachment by R-Maya
Accidental Attachmentby Maya_R 馃専
A hate love story between Sree, an ordinary girl and Vikram a businessman. What happens when they meet! Will sparks fly? Will fate bring them together? Would you like t...
Forced Marriage {JJK 脳 y/n} by pjmtrulys26
Forced Marriage {JJK 脳 y/n}by Army
A man who is still in love with his ex is forced to marry a girl from a village. Will the numerous arguments, bickering, hatred, jealousy and odds make the forced couple...
The Truth - untold || Kim Taehyung ff || [COMPLETE] by PayalSharma671
The Truth - untold || Kim P.S
Y/n and Taehyung who had a very close relationship in the past now pretend to be strangers....Why? Don't judge soon hang in there. It's not you may find so...
Can You Love Me Most? | 饾槞饾槮饾槷饾樁饾槾 饾槗饾樁饾槺饾槳饾槸 by jxlvpin
Can You Love Me Most? | 饾槞饾槮饾槷饾樁饾槾 lunette
"饾悥饾悺饾悶饾惂 饾悎 饾惀饾椉饾椉饾悿饾悶饾悵 饾悽饾惂饾惌饾椉 饾拤饾拪饾挃 饾拠饾拏饾拕饾拞, 饾悎 饾悾饾惍饾惉饾惌 - 饾懓 饾拰饾拸饾拞饾挊." 蠠 Selene Black is the younger and only sister of Sirius Black, born the year S...
Who are you Ghost | Simon X Reader by Rrem3dy
Who are you Ghost | Simon X Readerby gorepacolypse
"I didn't forget about that attitude you gave me earlier." My face went red as he looked at me in the mirror. I shook my head. "I didn't have an attitud...
Irresistible || 18+ by slythboyzz
Irresistible || 18+by slythboyzz
A love story between Mattheo Riddle and Rosalia Nott. "I'm supposed to hate him, but its difficult when he has brown curly hair and hazel brown eyes, and cupid's b...
釣熱焼釣庒瀯釣熱煉釣撫焷釣犪煃 ( 釣呩灁釤 ) by EthMaryRotha
釣熱焼釣庒瀯釣熱煉釣撫焷釣犪煃 ( 釣呩灁釤 )by Jen Jasmine
_釣忈煉釣氠灩釣樶瀲釣夺瀫釣坚灀釣釤掅灅釤佱瀯釣樶灧釣撫瀶釣贯瀯釣⑨灨 釣呩灱釣涐瀰釣丰瀼釤掅瀼釣涐焷釣勧灍釣踞瀰 釣忈焸釣忈煉釣氠灱釣溼瀿釤掅灈釣夺瀫釤嬦瀫釤掅灀釣会瀯釣傖灮釤嗎灀釣会焼釣熱瀯釣熱灩釣 釣釣夺灇釣熱煉釣⑨灁釤嬦瀬釤掅灃釣踞灅 釣釤掅灀釣会瀯釣釤掅灇釣熱焸釣椺煉釣撫焸釣釣傖焷釣戓焻釣溼灧釣 _釣熱煉釣氠灐釣夺瀴釤嬦灁釤掅灇釤傖瀲釣夺灍釤掅灑釣斸煁 芦釣愥焷釣欋煃釣愥焷釣欋煃釣⑨焺釣欋瀭釣会瀫釣傖灨釣庒灦..禄 _釣釣夺灇釣溼灧釣涐瀼釤掅灇釣♂灁釤嬦灅釣釣溼灧...
Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed) by Aishwarya5007
Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed)by Aishwarya5007
"I'm coming directly to the point. I'm not interested in this marriage. I'm only here because of the pressure from the elders. At the moment, I'm dating a girl call...
饾悞饾悇饾悅饾悜饾悇饾悡 饾悗饾悈 饾悡饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悕饾悎饾悊饾悋饾悡| 饾悐饾悡饾悋鉁 by kimaarV
饾悞饾悇饾悅饾悜饾悇饾悡 饾悗饾悈 饾悡饾悋饾悁饾悡 饾悕饾悎饾悊锟 A r V
[Under editing] Y/n and Taehyung who loved each other so much. what happened that night that changed their life and separated them. _____________________ Tae-"Will...
饾悑饾悗饾悗饾悐饾悞 饾悞饾悗 饾悘饾悇饾悜饾悈饾悇饾悅饾悡 鉃 饾惈饾悮饾悷饾悶 饾悳饾悮饾惁饾悶饾惈饾惃饾惂 by sydneyleggatt
饾悑饾悗饾悗饾悐饾悞 饾悞饾悗 饾悘饾悇饾悜饾悈饾悇饾悅饾悡 鉃 锟 Syd馃鉁
Nothing could prepare her for the summer of her life, and nothing will EVER compare. Stuck in a treasure hunt before she left everything behind will be something she won...
My brothers girlfriend *Billie Eilish by 2brokeus
My brothers girlfriend *Billie Marie
Kat wakes up in the middle of the night, only to find the first and only girl she's ever made out with in her kitchen. She turns out to be dating her brother Noah and at...
Noisy Neighbor 禄 lee know by may_bornmia
Noisy Neighbor 禄 lee knowby home
"Why the heck do you keep blasting the music so loud?" "And why the heck do you bang your girl so loudly?" In which they are both neighbors who are...
From Cradle to the Grave by _fallen_____angel__
From Cradle to the Graveby _fallen_____angel__
For 8 year old Jasmine, 18 year old Chris was her superman. There was nothing more than she liked than spending time with her babysitter. But the day Chris left for coll...
And Then You Happened by the_meltinglines
And Then You Happenedby Chandani
Best ranking #1 Love as on 06/22 #1 wattpadindia as on 03/21 #1 in pearlvpuri as on 11/20 #1 in Surbhi Jyoti as on 04/20 #1 in pvp as on 01/20 Hey Readers...First Of a...
饾櫈饾櫌饾櫀饾櫆饾櫈饾櫍饾櫄饾櫒 - 饾櫂饾櫇饾櫑饾櫈饾櫒 饾櫒饾櫓饾櫔饾櫑饾櫍饾櫈饾櫎饾櫋饾櫎 by home_atA
饾櫈饾櫌饾櫀饾櫆饾櫈饾櫍饾櫄饾櫒 - 饾櫂饾櫇饾櫑饾櫈饾櫒 饾櫒饾櫓 AIRIS <33
chris imagines 馃槝 The one shots aren't always long, but I love being descriptive so I hope you enjoy it 鉂わ笍 I upload ab every 2-4 days 馃槢 (usually ab every week but I try...
adopted by Billie eilish銆 by bilz_zanny12380
adopted by Billie eilish銆by bilz_zanny12380
meet one year old kaia who's parents abandoned her at birth. that was until the one and only Billie eilish meets kaia and her life changes for the better. Billie: hii li...