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Constant Craving (A Glee Fanfic) by GleekMusicFan
Constant Craving (A Glee Fanfic)by Rachel Berry
Santana Lopez is a junior student at the William McKinley High School. She is part of the Cheerios (cheerleading squad) and the Glee Club. She is a very popular and beau...
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Dancing With You (Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes oneshot) by the_flying_ostrich
Dancing With You (Mr. Carson and Hogwarts Will Always Be There...
Mrs. Hughes has to teach Mr. Carson how to dance. A really short fluff-filled oneshot about everyone's favorite Downton Abbey couple: Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes!! ❤
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The One Direction Contest by Jasmine777
The One Direction Contestby Jasmine Danielle
Lexie Carson Is invisible to almost everyone around her, But she had a voice, The voice of an angel, and when she is Forced into the world's famous band One Direction's...
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He Left by Sammiii182
He Leftby Sammiii
He left. It wasn't so much the fact that he left- it was more the fact that he left and didn't contact her. Carson Richards and Oliver Grey had been together since Carso...
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My brothers band mate(James McVey) by SonggMinggi
My brothers band mate(James McVey)by Len
Carson Simpson lived with her older brother Brad and one day he decided to introduce her to his band. What happens when she meets the 3 other boys? The amazing cover was...
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Until The End (Sequel to For Better Or For Worse) by WanderingDancer
Until The End (Sequel to For Katherine
The fairytale love story indeed end with a "happily ever after", but when one book closes, another one opens. Mia and Carson proved that they were right...or s...
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For Better or For Worse by WanderingDancer
For Better or For Worseby Katherine
**EDITING** One True Love? Meet, Mia Cordova. A rich, young girl who lives alone in her mansion. The people around her call her "Little Miss Perfect" in a good...
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Forbidden Desires (A Shadam Fiction) by Liliana_Fae
Forbidden Desires (A Shadam Liliana_Fae
Adam is split between morality, society, and his ever confused heart. He questions whether signing up for a fourth season as judge of The Voice was such a good idea. Can...
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The Eighteen Year Fallout by Reckless13
The Eighteen Year Falloutby Gemma
Who knew that agreeing to sleep with the school's player would lead to such chaos? Then again she'd heard the stories and she'd read enough books to know what happens wh...
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Carson Lueders imagines by MAZE-RUNNER_Girl
Carson Lueders imaginesby Jessica Jarvis
Just writing about a boy that I lov(ed)
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Book 1: Mated to My Pack's Enemy by AwesomeCo-Writers
Book 1: Mated to My Pack's Enemyby Mrs. Winchester
There’s no escaping love when you’ve found your mate. Amelia Whitlock knows that for sure. But what happens if, that so called mate of hers, was her pack’s worst enemy...
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Kidnapped raped abused by izzyannamoore
Kidnapped raped abusedby Izzy
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Falling Apart by xdwtsx
Falling Apartby ♡ xdwtsx ♡
When Witney gets an ugly comment , she thinks nothing of it , until more and more pile in . When her friends start saying mean thing , Witney falls apart . Who will help...
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The Guys by Ethan385
The Guysby Ethan385
6 teen boys in a romantic story
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El Primo Sexy! (CARSON Luerdes Y Tu) by recaldeguille138
El Primo Sexy! (CARSON Luerdes Y recaldeguille138
Tn una chica de 15 años y un cuerpo de muerte pelo largo y casi rubio ojos marrones alta y tes blanca Carson chico salto rubio ojos verdes Hermoso!!! Son primos pero q...
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My Best Friend's Brother by mismatchedqueen
My Best Friend's Brotherby mismatchedqueen
She likes him, he barely notices her. He likes her, she's oblivious and has moved on. This game of cat and mouse gets old after a while.... Especially when you are playi...
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My Girl ♡ by osnapitzfrancine
My Girl ♡by ғrancιne lynch ♡
Markney Fanfic
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Damon and the Landlord by mydigitaldamon
Damon and the Landlordby mydigitaldamon
Damon, an young youtuber, and Carson, his girlfriend, just moved into an apartment in LA, but once he meets his elderly landlord, Norma, his dream of living in LA has tu...
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The bad girl's bad boy by aelencx
The bad girl's bad boyby aelencx
Have you ever heard about the good girl and the bad boy or the good boy and the bad girl. Well why instead of having one of them good lets make them both bad. Let's see...
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