4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{32.}

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~*Xaviers POV*~

♪Girl drop it down low wile you on that pole take it off for the guys while they trowing them fives take ya top off girl let me see thoese goodie goods if you want it you can get it do that split now girl show em what you training fah....♪

"See X I told you when the girls left we would get into some real fun,"Richie said with a bottle of beer in one hand and the other throwing money at the striper.

"Yeah I see...keep it goin Yeahhh,"

"YEAHHHH,"the rest of the team said agreeing with him.

"Hey man relax,were in V.I.P,the drinks are on me we got the private striper comeing in for our game winner tonight and you dont have to worry about any thing okay man??"

"Yeah man,"I said getting extra worried about Cassidy and where she was,I pulled out my phone and sent her a quick text.

"Where are you?"

"Out with Court,where are you?"

"Hey man...there will be no Cellular divices in The Red Top tonight,"Darius said passing the phone to his brother David who stuck it in his pocket.

"Did you just say cellphone,I think he needs to be punished don you think Miss Cherry?"

"Yeah,I think he needs a spankin,"The stripper came closer to me and all of a sudden the spot light was on me,and the crowd of guys were all surrounded by strippers giving them lap dances.

"You like that,uhhh"


"Xavier!!,"The stripper said turning around.

"Yeah...hey why did you stop?"

"Xavier Newsome?"

"What the hell,Melonie your a stripper?"

"I perfer Entertainer,Why the hell are you here getting a lapdance from me when you have a pregnant girl friend out doing who knows what?"

"Hey X..are you gonna talk to the stripper or is she gonna give you a lap dance like we brought her in here to do?,"Richie protested.

"Yeah man and Why the hell are you so worried?"

"Im not...do you want the lap dance or not?"

"I guess,"I said in a akward tone,before I could finish my sentence she was grinding on my lap makeing me hard just thinking about what she did in the car that day.

"You want the special?"

"Whats the Special?"

"Un zip your pants and you will see!!!"She said standing over me,I just looked up at her and looked around the room,noticeing that I wasnt the only guy geting asked if they wanted the special.


~*Cassidys POV*~

"Why hasnt he texted back?"

"Cassidy dont worry about him,he is probley just haveing fun with the team,now get your pregnant ass over here and try this cake for your babyshower."

"Oh Okay,"I said walking over to my friends as we sat in MOtherhood tasteing cakes and trying on matrtnity outfits.

"Does this Outfit make me look fat,"Asia Joked as she tried on a purple and yellow outfit.

"Yes,Yes it does."

"Oh shut up Cassidy,no it doesnt."

"Im jokeing,umm this cake is good what is it?"

"Red velvet and chocolate."

"Hey Cass,your phone is ringing..."Courtney said with a mouth full of cake.

"Hand it to me."


"Cassidy this is Dr.Anderson"

"Oh Hi,Dr. Anderson whats up?"

"Cassidy Its You MoM."

"What about her?"I said walking out of the store and sitting on the bence.

"She Died,An hour ago."


"Cassidy im so sorry to have to tell you this,but..."


"Well she came in complaining of stomach pains then she passed out ant trying to revive her was no luck."

"Oh my god,"I said with tears in my eyes.

"Im sorry Ms Ericson.Im Sorry."I hung up the phone,the last thing I remamber was was dropping the phone.

**I hope you all like this chapter I was really contemplateing on weather her mom should die or not please COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT ohh and vote thankx**

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