4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{36.}

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~*Cassidys POV*~


"Hey MaMa..your back!!"

"Yeah,How are you baby?"She said with the golden glow around her body like the last time.

"No good,I was pushed down a flight of steps."


"Its nothing mom,"I said looking away.

"You've allways been one to hide thing...Cassidy I heard you when you told Dr.Anderson that I had cancer,I allmost bust a gut laughing at his facial expression."

"MoM,"I said shocked that she would say that.

"Well I did...Cassidy why are you crying?"She said holding my head in her hands.

"When I was falling down those steps...All I could think about was My babies,then I hit the ground and I knew my life was over."

"It was just mother instint...ohh noo!!"

"What?What?"I said as she started to fade away.

"Cassidy fight the pain..."

"Huh,"I said looking confused as I began to see a light flash,I laid there afraid to open my eyes until a pain shot through my back cause me to scream in terror.

"Shes awake...get the Medicane,"I heard a doctor or nurse yell.

"Ahhhh shit,my stomach is about to explode,"I managed to yell.

"Its okay Mrs.Ericson,breath,bbrreeaatthh."

"I KNOW HOW TO FUCKING BREATH GET OFF MY BACK!!!"The nurse came over and shot some medicane up my IV as another nurse took a cold towel and wiped me neck and forehead,I felt like my stomach was on fire like the babies were have a bonfire in my uterus.

"Are the babies dieing?"

"No,No your just haveing early contractions,"She said still wipeing my forehead.

"Can you stop wipeing my forehead please,"I said aggressively the pain was leaving my stomach and moveing up towards my head,After a two hour nap,Dr.Anderson walked into the room.

"Hey,Cassidy how are you feeling?"

"Are youlike the only doctor at this hospital?"

"hahaha No,But I your primary doctor though."he said fixing his glasses.

"Did the altopsy results come in?"

"Yes,as a matter of fact they did..."

"What does it say?"I said trying to sit up without the pain comeing back to my stomach.

"I dont know how you knew this but your mother did have 1st stage cancer that we could have fough but unfortunantly the blood clot got to her first."As his words went through one ear and out the other I couldnt help but laugh and cry at the same time.

"Are you okay,Mrs.Ericson?"

"Ehh emm,I said sniffing and controling myself...Yes Im fine!!"

"Okay well the test results are in for you,the fall was terrible I must say but the babies are okay,the ultrasound showed the babies were protecting eachother when the fall occured."

"So there okay?"I asked holding on to my belly.

"Actually they are you can actually leave...Im not kicking you out but yeahhh..."

"I understand."

"But Cassidy your 8 months pregnant,you've fallen on your stomach countless numbers of times,just try to be careful these next for weeks,your due dat should be May 8th."

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