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The Pleasant Dreams  by Ankitaborah3
The Pleasant Dreams by sanamankita
Dreams are my pleasant. Will it goes like what I want. Anika, an intelligent Indian poor village girl went outside the world to fulfill her parents dream and make them l...
  • lovestory
  • romance
  • myownpoem
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Not Switched at birth by switchedatbirth101
Not Switched at birthby switchedatbirth101
In this book Bay and Daphne aren't switched at birth. They meet on Daphne's way back from Buckner Hall. Daphne meets Bay and Emmett. All three of them are deaf. Read to...
  • thedream
  • thisisthefirtchapteriwillwritethenextchaptersoon
  • kennishvssorrentovsvasquez
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тнє ∂яєαм by FriAra
тнє ∂яєαмby ♡ αяααα ♡
In which, Airyz dreamed about things. But soon, she realize her dream is becoming real, what will be her action? One unknown lawyer also dream things. They were scared...
  • herdream
  • thedream
  • dreamtoreality
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حلم by bitalnoor
حلمby bitalnoor
قصه قصيرة كتبت في لحظة ألم ولكنها إختصرت طريقاً طويل.......
  • thedream
  • أمل
  • حلم
The Dream 
By: Brandon Mora by bmora502
The Dream By: Brandon Moraby Brandon Mora
fictional and great story i made.
  • firstperson
  • narrative
  • thedream
The Dream by gillean_matthew
The Dreamby Gillean Matthew
Dreams come true... Read this story to find out what my dream is about...
  • special
  • dreams
  • best
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The Dream by totallyweirdgirl
The Dreamby totallyweirdgirl
  • thedream
  • scream
  • story
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The Dream (Bagaimana kalau selama ini kalian hidup dalam mimpi) by rifqisentosa266
The Dream (Bagaimana kalau rifqisentosa266
seorang pria bernama Hanen kehilangan pacarnya. membuatnya depresi dan menuduh banyak orang. suatu saat ia jatuh dalam tidurnya dan bangun dengan keadaan yang sungguh be...
  • mimpi
  • remaja
  • mystery
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The Dream of a Lifetime by haley_newingham
The Dream of a Lifetimeby Haley Newingham
basically what I wish would happen to me in a way idrk if I'll stick to it tho😂 ENJOY😂♥️
  • thebegining
  • jacob
  • thedream
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Short Stories by fluffydemonunicorns
Short Storiesby Jay and Leona
I decided to write a bunch of short stories. Depending on how many votes I get depends on if i decide to write an extra bit to the story. or write it as a whole new lo...
  • music
  • peacefull
  • people
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THE DREAM by azmayish
THE DREAMby azmayish
This story is about a boy, who have a dream and in the dream there is a girl, who calles his name everyday. But the boy can't find out who is she?? But, one day he find...
  • thedream
The Dream by nadzrh
The Dreamby nadzrh
The mysterious attractive guy that keeps appearing in Annabelle's dream. Who was he? And what is the dream all about?
  • shortstory
  • humor
  • thedream
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The Dream by KingDanner
The Dreamby Daniel Poland
Beyond stars and beneath waves, enchanting new worlds have been brought to life and explored through imagination. But no matter how fantastic and splendid these worlds...
  • action
  • adventure
  • fantasy
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Reasons by LiAnneStone
Reasonsby LiAnne Stone
These are reasons behind my stories...
  • reason
  • suicide
  • thedream
The Dream by Pop_Is_In_Da_House
The Dreamby Pop_Is_In_Da_House
"The truth is... I've hated answers more than questions because every single answer hurts one person in one way or another" The world that Minoka Miteru or kn...
  • fantasy
  • random
  • thedream
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The Dream??? by HayHayiscool21
The Dream???by ❤️SHINee❤️
Exo sekai fanfic. " who are you? ~ Kai " " no one boy ~ Sehun" Top!Sehun Bottom!Kai Boyxboy DO NOT LIKE, DONT READ. Read at your own risk. "...
  • sekai
  • xiumin
  • exootp
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The Me and Other Mes in Different Parallels by Entasis
The Me and Other Mes in Entasis
Short glimpses of the Mes
  • fiction
  • archirecture
  • shortstory
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The Dream by Ocean_Jackson
The Dreamby Ocean
Paige is starting to have bad dreams. She is scared and only wants to be alone. But one day she was seeing things that have never happened. She then gets possessed and a...
  • sisterlylove
  • scary
  • death
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the dream by PaulLabbe
the dreamby gucci
when a man starts killing people olny on person can help but were is he ??
  • plottwist
  • thedream
  • horror
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