4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{53.}

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"Okay were here!!" I said sounding very excited to pull up to one of my favorite restaurants.

"Is this the restaurant dad use to own MoM," Xavier said with wide eyes.

"Yep, Now that Mr. Lewis owns it I just decided to stop by for a visit."

"Your dad use to own a restaurant?" Cassidy said while getting out of the car.

"Yeah, He did until he got cancer then he sold it to this guy name Rob Lewis."

"ALEXAS...ALEXAS NEWSOME!!!" I heard a name yell as we entered the restaurant instantly new the voice.

"Rob!! Ohhh it's been too long. How are you these days?"

"Im wonderful and you?"

"Im great. And I'm about to be a grand mother, This is Cassidy, Xavier's Beautiful girlfriend."

"Well, she is beautiful, and Xavier my how you've grown my boy. You were knee high to a grass hopper the last time we spoke. How are you son?"

"I'm fine Mr. Lewis, Its nice to see you again."

"Oh well, Lets get you to a seat and get one of our waiters to your table right away." Rob led us to a gorgeous booth in the non smoking area.

"I would love to sit and talk all day but I have to continue my service in the kitchen. Order anything you want. I will be back after you all are finish eating we must catch up."

"That sounds like a plan Rob." I said nicely while taking a menu from the young looking waiter in the white apron.

"Well, Cassidy do you see anything you like or anything your craving?" Cassidy looked up from the menu and smiled at me then looked over at Xavier then back towards me.

"Well Alexis everything looks delicious especially this spaghetti and meat ball with a few of those ginger bread rolls and the eggplant soup with steamed vegetables." She said with her mouth watering from the thought of all the food.

"Okay, sounds like a meal. What about you Xavier?" I said smiling and laughing.

"Uhh MoM everything looks good, expecially the wild mushroom and veil with a side of steak chunks."

"Well, umm Nilo...That will be what those two ordered and I will have the ceaser chicken and shrimp salad, with ranch dressing, and the tuna and noodles."

"Cassidy?" The waiter said after writing down the order. Cassidy and Xavier looked up from their menu's

"NILO!!!" Cassidy yelled.

"Uhh Hey, Cass...How are you these days?"

"I'm fine..."She said in a snobby and embarrassed tone.

"Hey...Xavier...You uhh you taking care of Cassidy well?"

"Yep...Pretty well Nilo...this is an uhh great job you got here." I sat in silence as the three spoke in low nervous and secretive tones.

"Yeah... It pays well so uhh yeah okay and what to drink?" he said in a deep stern voice.

"I will have an Iced Tea. Cassidy. Xavier?"

"Uhh I will Have a Dr. Pepper."

"And I will Have A glass of water and a Coke."

"Okay I'll be back with your drinks." Nilo said staring at Cassidys belly, clearing his throat and walking away.

"Okay so WoW that was akward Cassidy, Xavier Im guessing you know him."

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