4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{65.}

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*~Cassidy's POV~*

[One Month Later]

It's been a hard month without Xavier, and before I left the hospital, finding out that he was alive but NOT alive hurt me even more, but even though I was alone mother wise I wasn't alone family wise, Sadie was all over being a aunt she was always there when I needed her and even though Alexas worked a lot when she didn't she was by my side helping me also.

"Okay, come on Travis and Azalia its time for the walk to Sadie's school." I said as I put them into the twin stroller along with the baby bag and bottles of juice and milk. I locked the door and walked onto the apartment walk way but was stopped by a couple of moving men.

"Um Hi, Mam sorry to inturrupt you but can you point us in the direction of apartment 2035?" One heavy man with a blue jump suit and a beard said holding a box.

"Oh yes, it's the one on the left."

"Thanks. Mam."

"Your welcome." right as I walked off Travis started crying, I pulled the shade down to block the sunlight and handed him his bottle, he couldn't hold it up his self yet so I had to sit on the bench and hold it up for him.

"Cassidy?" A familure yelled from a few feet away.

"Please don't be Nilo...I whispered to myself...I looked up...Hey stranger." It was Travis.

"Hey, how are the babies?'

"Good...what are you doing at these apartments?"

"Moving in..."

"REALLY?" I said smiling from ear to ear.

"Yeah...SO How have you been...you been getting through with Xavier being in a coma and everything."

"Yeah...I've had a lot of support....Are you done eating already," I said in a baby tone.

"That's good...Well little travis has gotten big hasn't he?"

"Yeah...he has he eats more than he did a month ago." I picked him up to burp him.

"Hey, Travis...We need you over here to tell us where to put the stuff," Another Moving man said interrupting our conversation.

"Well, I'd better get going...Hey...if you don't mind me asking...where do you live?" I laughed and put Travis back into the stroller.

"2037...only two doors down...bye neighbor."

"Bye Cass." I continued to walk until I reached the Apartment gates.

"Hey Cassidy, going for a walk with the babies?" Bridgette, the Gate keeper said walking over to the stroller.

"Yep, I'm going to meet my boyfriends sister at her school."

"Oh okay, well you be careful."

"I will, see you later Bridgette."

"Bye." After a twenty minuet walk I was ate the school only a couple of minuets before the bell rang. I took a seat on the steps and waited for Sadie to exit the school. Students started to pour out of the school as the bell rang, Sadie was standing by the poll talking to Drew.

"Yeah...I know I can believe it's the last day...I'm going to miss you." She said holding her folder and looking into his eyes.

"I know I'm gonna miss you too but we have the summer to be together."

"I know...There's Cassidy, I have to go...Bye." She kissed his cheek and walked off, as he walked towards who I was guessing was his mothers Car.


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