4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{74.}

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lIKE i SAIT IN THE LAST cHAPTER...At first I was I wasnt going to post any more of this story, because I just didnt want to and I had terrible writers block...but I decided to anyway..ANYWHO I HAVE A QUESTION...After seeing the Character pics of Xavier and Travis who looked Better???? PS...Can someone ANYONE help me by Copying and pasting the chapters of Chasing the whatever and sending it to me in an email PLEASE I need it BADD REALLY BADD someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!} Anyway ENJOY....


~*Sadie's POV*~

"Hey, Carson...here's the movie I ment to give it to you days ago but I forgot." I said pulling the DVD out of my peace bag and handing it to him.

"Thanks...So did you like watching it the second time?"

"Oh you mean the forth time, I told you I love that movie...I had to watch it two more times."

"You uh wanna come in, maybe check out some more movies I got, I mean if you want to or you can wait until the weekend."

"Sure, I would love to." I walked in to the house it was neater than usual.

"I'm guessing you cleaned up today," I joked taking a seat on the floor to go through the movies.

"I see you have the lovely bones...Ummm I don't believe it has come out on DVD yet Something you want to tell me Carson?" He sa down on the floor next to me.

"Okay Okay I'll admit it...I bought it from this guy---"

"Oh no don't explain it to me...explain it to the cops when then get you for bootlegging."

"Oh you wouldn't tell on me now would you?"

"Maybe...Maybe not...Oh you got this movie?"

"What do you know about The secret window...with Johnny Depp." he said snatching the movie out of my hand.

"Oh come on, Its another one of my favorites...don't tell me you like it too...ugh."

"Actually, I hate this movie...but I could stand to watch it...Just for the suspence but if you've seen it once you would have to wait at least another month to watch it again."

"I know what you mean, because you will have to forget what's going to happen to really enjoy it...I got cha Carson...Ummm let me see, I want a funny movie."

"here are the funny ones over here," he said reaching over me to get the CD case that contained the comedy's.

"Okay...so you probly never saw this movie but...Its called Car wash...ever heard of it?"

"Yep, as a matter of fact I have but I've never watched it before."

"Wanna watch it." she said fanning the movie in front of my face.

"I don't know...Isn't Travis here?"

"Nope, went to work and hour ago. Come on its not really long. But if you got homework that's needs to be finished I understand."

"HOMEWORK...that's your excuse, put the movie in Carson," I said getting up off the floor and walking over to the couch.


"No thank you not this time."

"Okay, I'll make me some...pause the movie when it starts okay."

"Sure," he walked into the kitchen I grabbed the remote and took my jacket off, getting ready to pause the movie, after about a(n) two minuet wait the popcorn and the movie was ready.

"Okay, I made some popcorn...and you can play the movie."

"Im pressing play." The movie started and towards the middle of the movie, Carson had made another bowl of popcorn which smelled better this time.

"Did you put seasoning salt on the popcorn this time," I asked with curiosity.

"Yep...Why," he said with a mouth full of popcorn.

"My Favorite," I said reaching over to get some popcorn, before my hand was stopped.

"Uhh No...what are you doing?"

"Getting popcorn...duh!!"

"Um No...you said you didn't want some this time."

"Come on Carson...Please." I said giving him the puppy dog eyes.

"Catch it in your mouth," he said with a wide but serious smile.

"I...Ughh NO way..." I hoped up in a quest to grab the bowl, but got a face full of popcorn.

"HaHa...Are you okay Sadie?"

"Yep...I got the popcorn didn't I?" I threw the pop corn back at him, taking a handful for myself. We started to burst into laughter at all the popcorn on the floor and couch.

"You have to clean that up," I said pointing to the mess.

"And your gonna help me," he grabbed the remote and paused the movie as we started to pick up the popcorn kernals from the floor and couch.

"There's some over there."

"Oh okay, I got it," he said as we crawled on the floor in search for more corn.

"OUCH," I yelled.

"Sorry Sadie...you okay?"

"Is your head made of brick and cement. That hurt."

"I said sorry, damn it...its turning red." I held on to my forehead. Carson looked at the now red bruise on my head examining it. I looked up.

"How does it look?" He laughed and touched it.

"RED," he said plain and simple.

"great...thanks a lot Carson." he smiled and started to talk in a motherly baby voice.

"Awe you want me to kiss your boo boo and make it all better." I joined in on his joke, mocking his voice.

"Yes, me boo boo hurts mama."

"mama?...he questioned...let me kiss it." he kissed my forehead, with his soft lip while his hands held my head softly, making his way to my nose and then my lips.

"I'm sorry, Sadie I didn't mean too---"

"It's okay Carson, really." I kissed him harder and brung his body so that he was on top of mine(s). I began to rip off his shirt exposing his wonderful six pack.

"Sadie, I'm 19 and your---"

"I'm 16 now...Its okay," I smiled and kissed him on his lips, while he kissed my neck, I started to unbuckle his belt as he unbuttoned my shirt, taking off my undershirt in the process. We finally we naked together besides my bra and underwear and his boxers, Carson picked my body up and took me to his bedroom, laying me on the bed, pulling a condom out of the drawer, putting it on and pulling off my underwear and entering me slowly, I jumped a little in pain from the pressure it was more than Drew but still felt the same. I started to moan in enjoyment while he made grunting sound and kissing my neck again. After it was all over we laid cuddled up in his warm bed for about a(n) hour.

"I have to go." I said throwing on my cloths. He remainde on the other side of the bed putting on his boxers and walking me to the door.

"You Okay Sadie?"

"Yeah, Um I'm fine...I just have to get home." I walked out the door, holding back tears I felt so bad for doing that to Drew but It felt so good to be with Carson, I thought Cassidy and Xavier had problems, but little did I know had one two many problems of my own.




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