4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{73.}

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{A/N At first I was I wasnt going to post any more of this story, because I just didnt want to and I had terrible writers block...but I decided to anyway..ANYWHO I HAVE A QUESTION...After seeing the Character pics of Xavier and Travis who looked Better???? PS...Can someone ANYONE help me by Copying and pasting the chapters of Chasing the whatever and sending it to me in an email PLEASE I need it BADD REALLY BADD someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!} Anyway ENJOY....


~*Xavier's POV*~

"Cassidy...Hey...Cassidy...you here?" A voice called as I washed the leftover dishes in the sink. I walked into the living room to see a tall figure standing in the door way with a(n) orange EMT bag in his hand. He laid the bag on the floor and walked futher into the house.

"Who the hell are you...The nurse?" I said with a confused look on my face.

"Um No...I a friend of Cassidy's...is she here?"

"NO," I said plain and simple.

"Oh well, Can you tell her I stopped by."

"Who Are you...I'm sure she would like to know a name pf the person that stopped by.."

"Oh uh Travis..."

"Travis...Like my son...Travis?"

"Yeah...Like your son, who was named after me."

"Cassidy didn't say anything like that...Why would she name our son after you and not me?"

"I don't know...did you ask her...?"

"No...That's why I'm asking you..." I said with a(n) attitude.

"Well, All I can say is ask her...Maybe she's not the type to name her kids after the father...maybe she wanted something new."

"NEW...I shook my head in disagreement, Changing the subject...Travis...Umm hmm...well, what did you want to see her for anyway?"

"It's nothing really...Just talk, you know see if she needed anything...He Cleared his throat...Ar...Are you Xavier?" he said nervously.

"As a matter of fact I am...So how long have you known Cassidy?" I took a seat in the recliner chair, as he continued to stand by the door.

"Umm I would say about two years now...Why?"

"It's just a question...Have a seat."

"Um, Sure...He took a seat in the recliner chair opposite of me...So, how have you been since the recovery?" he said making small talk, I gave him an evil look and went along with the conversation.

"I've been great, I just recently got all of my memory back so, its great for now."

"That's good, you know when the plane crashed I was on call...I was actually the one who put you on the stretcher"

"Oh, so am I supposed to thank you or something?" I sad as if I was a snobby rich kid.

"It's your choice, look I should really get going...I..."

"So...You've know my Fiancé for two year...so what when I was in a coma you were there to comfort her or something?"

"Well when she needed help supporting the kids I was there...if that's what you're talking about...That is what you're talking about...RIGHT?"

"So did you sleep with her?"

"What...chea...NO!!" he studdard.

"Did you?"

"I said NO...what are you getting at Xavier...And if you don't believe me...why don't you ask Cassidy her self...Look I don't know how you were before the coma and plane crash...but I really hope it wasn't the way you're acting now because Cassidy doesn't need---"

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