4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{45.}

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~*Cassidys POV*~

"Did Ms.Palentino say Melonie Verdez....DIED?"

"Yeah..And I hope bitch got what she deserved too...ugh just thinking about that makes me mad..."Courtney said not even looking up from her desk.

"Yeah..."I said in a low whisper.

"Well Mr.Newsome you better head down to the office."

"Okay...I'll be back in a min babe,"Xavier said kissing my forehead when the Mr.Hopson our Faceing history teacher turned back towards the board.

"Okay I'll watch you books."

"Awe how sweet...But anyway Im not signing that dumbass board down there."Courtney complained.

"Why Not?"

"Cassidy...Dont tell me your gonna sign it...."


"But nothing the girl threw you down a flight of steps...14 to be exact..."


"What Cass?"

"I dont know im not gonna sign it..im just shocked that shes...shes..dead."


"Ehh Emm...Courtney...Cassidy when your finished with your conversation...I would like to continue with the lesson..Please,"Mr.Hopson said in a snobby sleepy tone.

"Oh sorry Mr.Hopson...Continue,"Courtney said causeing the class to snicker and laugh.

"Anyway Cass...Like I was saying...."I tuned Courtney out for the remainder of the class thinking about why they called Xavier down to the office and Melonies Death.

"Okay see you later Cass..."

"Bye Court..Text Me!!!"

"Okay..."She said walking down the hallway..Stopping and kissing Richie on the way past.

"Hey Cassidy!!!"Regan and Asia said in unison.

"Hey you two...Regan what are you doing on this hall I thought your class was the other way?"I asked looking confused.

"Well I wanted to walk this way to see my friend and do this...She said touching my stomach...Oh and sign the R.I.P. wall fot Melonie."

"Yeah..And I came this way to walk to class with you,"Asia said grabbing her stomach and squenting her eyes.

"Are you okay Asia?...I said holding her sholder..."

"Yeah..Im fine,"She said sitting down on the steps.

"How do you know Melonie?"

"Well,I didnt know her that well but we talked sometimes..."

"Ohh Just wondering..."I studdard.

"Well I better go,I cant be late AGAIN...Dont wanna get detention before graduation....You want me to sign your name too?"

"Umm,No thank you..I'll try to get to it."

"What about you Asia?"

"I dont know the girl sooo thats a no for me."She said holding her stomach again.

"Okay..See yall laterz!!"She said speed walking down the hall.

"Are you sure your okay Asia?You keep grabbing your stomach..."

"Yeah..Yeah..Im fine Really I am...Lets go!!!"


"Ughh..I cant do this!!!"

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