4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{50.}

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*~Cassidy's POV~*

After a four hour nap I was awaken to a bladder pain in my stomach followed by the sound of my ring tone on my cellphone with Xavier sleep right next to me.

"Umm hello?"

"Hey Cassidy..Its Asia!!"She said sound like a tired kind of happy.

"Hey..Are you okay?"

"Yep..I had the baby!!!"

"Are you serious..wel of course your serious awe whats his name"

"his name is Kayden isnt that a wonderful name?"

"Yeah it is now if only my babies would pop out,"I joked as I shook Xavier awake.

"huh whaa..Cassidy what is it?"

"Hold on Asia..Xavier Can you help me up?"I said in a baby tone.

"you woke me up for that?!?!.....Allright,"he said jumping out of the bed and throwing on a white t-shirt with the word Whos The Dad? on them..A shirt inwhich I hated a little.

"Okay Im back...So Kayden huh?"

"Yeah,the doctors said I might have to stay a while longer because Im bleeding so much..but its not too much..Oh Cassidy my baby is gourgous he has brown strands of hair and honey brown eye just like his dad."

"Awe I can wait to see him."

"Yeah,your coming to the hospital to see him right?"she said sounding unsure.

"Yeah,I said as I excited the restroom and sat on the edge of the bed...wooh,yeah Xavier and I have a doctors appointment today anyway."

"We Do?"he whispered looking confused.I nodded my head in his direction.

"Oh thats great I cant wait to see you and you have to meet my MoM I tell her about you all the time."

"Oh your MoMs here thats even greater...Xavier...Can you pass me my shoes?"

"Yeah oh Cassidy the nurse just walked in I will talk to you later,"she said quickly.

"Okay..No those Xavier the ones with the stripes."


"Okay I'm putting on my shoes now."I said as Xavier stood in front of me with three diffrent type of shoes in his hand.

"Bye Cass."


"Which one babe?"

"Ughh never mind I will get them you just get ready for the appointment."

"I didnt know we had an ultrasound today."

"Oh sorry I forgot to tell you ... Oh Xavier we have a(n) ultra sound today,"I joked looking for my other shoe.

"Oh haha Cassidy."

"You'd better get Sadie..She going right?"

"Oh hell yeah shes going Im not leaving her here alone to come home and catch her in another sexual act..and she needs to go anyway she needs to see what its like maybe she wont try to get pregnant thats the last thing we need."And with that Xavier darted out of the room.

"Ugh why did I decided to pick out my own shoes I can barely see my feet as it is..Oh well."After putting on the most comfortable pair of maternity shoes I had my stomach began to growle.

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