4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{24.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

Xavier was starting to get on my nerves with all his texting and calling so I told him I'll call him later ... Which I really wasn't planning on doing. 

"So, Cassidy you still want to go to my ultrasound with my boyfriend Rey and I?" 

"Um sure I have nothing else to do." I said as we drove down the expressway. 

"Cool ... So what’s up with you and Xavier have you talked to him lately?" 

"Nope he just texted me ... I told him I will call him later but I probably wont" 

"Why not?" She asked with a serious face, looking from me to the road. 

"Because I just don't he makes me angry every time I hear his voice. 

"Girl you're having his baby." 

"Yeah but--" I said before she cut me off.

"And I know I told you a million times but you two need to stop playing cat and mouse and just let the past go ... What the school knows they know who cares people are going to talk that’s why God gave us a mouth, Cassidy it's senior year by the time school is over everybody will be asking for an invitation to your baby shower." She joked. 

"So I should call him?" 

"Duh Cass ... okay here we are."She pulled up to a beautiful two story brick house that I guessed was Rey's house. 

"Is this your boyfriend’s house?" 

"Yeah it is he actually just finalized the papers last week so he owns it now." 

"Umm how old is he?" 

"23 and he is absolutely wonderful ... You will like him." She said knocking on the door. 

"Yeah but you said he goes to another school!!" 

"He does Eastern Virginia ... University!!" 

"He's in college?" I yelled surprisingly as soon as he opened the door. 

"Yeah ... Rey Chuckled ... It's my second year," 

"Baby! I missed you so much." 

"How are you doing how was school?" 

"It was school hard work as usual and I'm doing well ...This is my friend. , Cassidy she goes to school with me." 

"Hi how are you?" 

"I'm fine but do you mind me asking ...um are you pregnant also?" 

"UM NO I AM NOT ... How dare you ask me such a thing, Asia ... I'm ready to leave." I yelled as if I were mad while Asia tried to hide her laughter. 

"Ohh I uh I mean I just assumed thaa--" 

"Calm down Rey I was joking ... It was just a joke but yes I'm pregnant also." 

"Ohh okay ... um do you all want something to eat or drink." 

"No thank you." 

"Yeah babe we have to go my appointment is in an hour." 

"Okay let's go."We walked out of the house the same time my phone rang. 

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