4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{20.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

"He's not picking up, Court. He hate’s me now." I said between sobs. 

"Don’t worry Cassidy he will eventually pick up he's just angry hun trust me." She said as I laid on the couch with a terrible headache. 

"What if he doesn’t I love him I really don’t want to lose him ... I know this baby isn’t Nilo's I’m a month and two weeks I had sex with Nilo a week and a half after I had sex with Xavier and I want to tell him that but he won’t pick up..." I said crying again. 

"Cassidy don’t cry ... I'll try calling him again." 

"Hello?" Xavier said sounding angry. 

"Hey Xavier this is Courtney..Cassidy’s--" 

"I know who this is what do you want?" 

"Look I’m over Cassidy’s house and she really needs you right now!" 

"Is she okay?" 

"What is he saying?" I whispered to Courtney. 

"Shhh... Yeah she’s okay but--" 

"If she okay then I have nothing to talk to her about ... .why doesn’t she just call the real father and tell him what’s wrong." 

"Xavier please." I said grabbing the phone away from Courtney. 

"Cassidy I have nothing to say to you!" 

"Did you really mean what you said earlier ... don’t you still love me like I love you?" I said waiting for his reply between this long awkward silence. 

"I’m sorry Cass." 

"That’s all your going to say is I’m sorry?" 

"Yeah...pretty much!" 

"The baby is your’s Xavier ... You have to believe me everything adds up." 

"Okay Cassidy... Okay, Yeah here I come." He said talking to someone in the background. 

"Who’s that?" 

"Who’s Who?" 

"In the background XAVIER!!" I yelled through the phone. 

"Look I gotta go, I call you..." 

"When? When will you--" Before I could finish my sentence he hung up the phone.



~*Xavier’s POV*~

"Where we’re you ...you left me at school for almost an hour!" Sadie yell through the door. 

"Open the door Sadie!!" 

"No...! MA. He's here!!" 

"Open the door badass NOW!. Mom tell her to open the door!" My mom stood next to Sadie with her arms crossed over her chest. 

"Where were you Xavier?" 

"I was out..I was gonna pick her up!!" 

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