The Italian's secret Love Child by nadinejoubie
The Italian's secret Love Childby nadinejoubie
Italian billionaire was ruthless and unforgiving he never knew what it meant to love a woman. That is after he met Rose Olsen the women with the sharp tongue and the onl...
  • completed
  • romance
  • forcedmarriage
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Abducted, Raped, Mommy. by ShaShaWrites
Abducted, Raped, ShaShaWrites
what happens when you get sold to the most dangerous and monstrous Gangleader of the city. Hannah, a teen who was enjoying her average life with her family got trapped b...
  • gangleader
  • teenpregnancy
  • pregnancy
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His ex-wife by KarmaBitchSlap
His ex-wifeby KarmaBitchSlap
"GET OUT! YOU LYING, WORTHLESS GOLD DIGGER! GET OUT !" My husband yelled at me, fire burning in his eyes. "w-why? Please tell me what I did!" I sobbe...
  • ceo
  • accused
  • billionaire
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The Bet for Love by miaaamiamia
The Bet for Loveby miaaamiamia
Blaze Anderson was a spoiled, handsome, intelligent and carefree person. The life for him was just a game. And he was always a winner in this game. His whole world was...
  • player
  • womanizer
  • billionaire
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SHADOWED  by PreciousGundo1
SHADOWED by Gundo Maano
"I want to have you scream my name to the heavens as I thrust into you." he elaborates, causing me to shut my legs. "I-" I stop, not knowing how to r...
  • love
  • anger
  • break-up
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Kidnapped By My Best Friend[Reboot] by AnimeLover3365Lol
Kidnapped By My Best Friend[Reboot]by AnimeLover3365 /Lol!
"I will continue to treat you like a dog until you obey me, obey your master then you'll get treats". I tried to slap him, but he caught my hand and squeezed i...
  • kinky
  • drama
  • suicidalthoughts
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Unloved, Married and Pregnant... at 18??? by Kimmeg13
Unloved, Married and Pregnant... Kimmeg
Kayleigh hasn't ever felt loved, nor has she ever felt like she belonged. Her father is a multi millionaire who has no time for her, and her mother is too caught up in...
  • 18
  • wife
  • pregnant
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The Billionaire's Wife | #Wattys2016 #1 in Chicklit by XxBlueBlusherxX
The Billionaire's Wife | A.G. xX
2015 © S A F I E They never did fall into love. They were forced to marry each other for the sake of their companies. He hated her impulsive and silly ways. She hated...
  • arranged
  • marriage
  • feisty
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The Pregnancy Pact ✔ by Loutka
The Pregnancy Pact ✔by Madam 🌹
|Highest rank #51 in Chicklit #1 in Babies| 《Moved from the account @_Beautiful_Illusion_》 *** This story is being published on FicFun and being taken down soon! *** ''Y...
  • wattys2018
  • friendship
  • chicklit
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Billionaire Baby Daddy by krazygirlz032000
Billionaire Baby Daddyby krazygirlz032000
"Marry me." "Excuse me? I'm sorry, I must have heard you wrong, say that again." "I said, marry me." "No." "It wasn't a ques...
  • marriage
  • luke
  • baby
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The Wolf Baby by Kayy_B
The Wolf Babyby Kayy_B
Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to a one night stand. Trying to do what's best for her baby she...
  • alpha
  • pregnancy
  • bond
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Knocked Up (Editing) by HoneyBee___
Knocked Up (Editing)by Honey B
  • druglord
  • baltimore
  • drama
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Rejected & Pregnant | Rejected 2 by jesuwhite
Rejected & Pregnant | Rejected 2by jesi white 👑
*This is the story of two people falling in love without outside drama. Most takes place during Sandra's pregnancy. I know it's not edited. It may not make sense but I w...
  • wattys2018
  • rejection
  • mates
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After all this time by blueclovis19
After all this timeby Chloe Lyon
What would you do if one night out of the blue your husband threw you out? Better yet what would you do if five years later he came back?
  • pregnancy
  • divorce
  • bride
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Rejected By Everyone-[Major Editing] by wolfgirl183818
Rejected By Everyone-[Major -Wolfgirl-
"A worthless bitch is my mate!" Cody growled, he stomped on my stomach, and sent a deep glare at me, he came down to my ear, "What happened earlier, wasn'...
  • whitewolf
  • alpha
  • luna
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Mafia's Lilly by JRAlyn-
Mafia's Lillyby ↠ Jamie Rae ↞
She didn't know that her father was cruel enough to sell her out to the most fearful man in all of England. Let all alone force her to marry the man who could kill anyon...
  • rich
  • child
  • pregnant
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Tamed (Completed) ✅ by ColletteKozuchLepley
Tamed (Completed) ✅by Cole Lepley
Oliver Monroe leads a perfect life. Good job, great friends, and his pick of women. The only problem is the only girl that has ever stood out to him can't stand him...
  • love
  • secondchance
  • drama
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Forbidden Intimacy by Gypsy320
Forbidden Intimacyby Gypsy320
COMPLETED This Is A Student/Teacher Romance! *WON 4th IN THE ROYALTY AWARDS* _______ "Allison." He breathed as his face became closer to mine. "Yes Jace...
  • boyfriend
  • chick
  • teacher
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Love Notes by miaaamiamia
Love Notesby miaaamiamia
Eros Taptiklis - The heir of billion dollars Taptiklis Enterprises Holdings Inc. As well as a famous singer in Greece. He had everything that every man wished. Fans, mo...
  • billionaire
  • heiress
  • greek
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Pregnant By A Murderer by CaramellaQueen
Pregnant By A Murdererby Ann-yah
After a night of rough, steamy passion Jasmine Reid is left pregnant with only her best friends in her life. When the baby daddy comes into her life at two months pregna...
  • love
  • rich
  • mafia
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