4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{48.}

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*~Asia's POV~*

"Congradulations Asia,"The doctor said proudly holding up my newborn son.

"Wheres My son?"

"Here he is,A 8 pound 4 ounce baby boy..."

"What do you want to name him Asia?"Rey said grabbing my hand causeing me to remember he was still in the room.

"Well you like Kayden..Right?"I said looking into his eyes.


"Well..Kayden Frankston Harris (A/N lol I forgot Reys Last name so if ne body remembers leave it in a comment or something lol im not good with remembers everybodys last name besides Cassidy's and Xaviers muhahaha... Well Back to the Story ...)...How does that sound Baby?"I said a little tired.

"That sounds wonderful."

"You want to hold him?"

"Of course I do babe...Hey Kayden its daddy..,"he said staring into his golden brown eyes and smiling from ear to ear.

"He looks like you Rey..."

"Asia..Rey..."Vivianne said walking silently into the room with a white face mask on and her blue scrub.

"hey ViV do you see my baby boy..He's beautiful right."

"he is very very beautiful,Whats his name?"She said walking up to a very polite and excited Rey who was sitting in a brown rocking chair.

"His name is Kayden...Kayden Frankston Harris."Said Rey.

"WoW thats a beautiful name..Well im not staying long I just came in to say you have a visiter."

"Who is it?"I asked struggling to sit up.

"Its ME!!"I the door frame stood my mother.

"MoM...Your here!!"

"Hey baby!!...Where is he??"

"Reys Over there MoM."I joked.

"Hey,Janice how are you?"he said standing to give he a hug as the baby laided in the baby bed.

"Im fine Rey..And you?"

"Great Im a family now.Have a Seat I'll go get the baby."

"Well Asia is there anything I can get for you?"ViV said breaking our thoughts and screams of happiness

"Can you get me some water Im tired."

"Okay I'll be right back."


"WoW my grandbaby is so beautiful he has eyes like your father."

"Speaking of DaD where is he?"

"Oh he will be here tomarrow he had business to take care of since his vacation actually starts then.How are you feeling besides tired?"

"A little hungry and my stomach is a little sore."

"Oh yeah your gonna feel that way for a while..What abour you rey?"

"I feel proud and happy and everything you can imagine."


"Yes,honey?"She said laying Kayden down and walking over to may side of the bed,brushing my hair back with her hand.

"Rey purposed to me!!"I looked over to a shocked Rey and then looked back towards my Mother.

"Is this true Rey?"

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