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The Return Of Sunset by Grantell
The Return Of Sunsetby Grantell
This is a fan based project for MLPEG. The characters are all owned by Hasbro. The story takes place shortly after Friendship Games.
  • sunset
  • finished
  • pony
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Oneshot Storybook (boyxboy) by SmexySinowa
Oneshot Storybook (boyxboy)by Willow Sinowa
Communicate requests through private message. REQUESTS CLOSED TEMPORARILY. 1. Believe Me 2. 543 Days 3. Jahvie Fanfic 4. Key to My Heart 5. Key to My Heart pt. 2 6. The...
  • dance
  • oneshot
  • jahvie
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Musings under the twilight sky by ShwetaNandakumar
Musings under the twilight skyby Shweta Nandakumar
The myriad of emotions brought about by the vivid cobalt blue skies, in contrast with the plethora of sunset hues, all captured through the eyes of a lone observer. Cov...
  • nature
  • sunset
  • non-fiction
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Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summer (Klaroline FanFic) by Sophie_Juniper
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Sophie_Juniper
This fanfiction story continues the story of Klaroline right after s4e23. It is time Caroline and Klaus to go on different ways. Klaus heads to New Orleans and Caroline...
  • tvd
  • secret
  • rage
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My Photography  by alubear1390
My Photography by - A L U B E A R -
The title of the book is enough of a description to be honest... Check out my latest updates if you're a new reader because my old photography is probably a little worse...
  • photos
  • wildlife
  • seaside
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Flight 21 by shainamason
Flight 21by Shaina Mason
Avery Quinton is a rebel. So when she gets expelled from her fourth boarding school her parents decide it's time to fly her home. Trent Ashton isn't normal. He's rude, c...
  • annoying
  • agron
  • fight
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Sunset Boy 🔒 ♡BxB♡ by IzzySaysHaii
Sunset Boy 🔒 ♡BxB♡by Izzy
Love isn't about how long you've known someone or about knowing everything about them, neither is it about the gender they are or about finding that perfect person to lo...
  • cancer
  • bxb
  • beach
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The Girl With The Sunset Eyes {Historical Interracial Romance/ #1 Blake Series} by MeepyM
The Girl With The Sunset Eyes { MeepyM
{London 1795} Katherine Ayim is resold illegally after running away from her master. Her new owner is known for his benevolent nature and approachable character. But, t...
  • accident
  • light
  • man
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Cruisin' South by palomitab
Cruisin' Southby palomitab
During the last year of the 1980s decade, two LAPD police officers are assigned to work undercover in a group of career criminals that focuses on armed robbery in South...
  • crime
  • losangeles
  • drama
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Descriptives and Narratives(IGCSE English) by GauthamK
Descriptives and Narratives( Gautham D. Kumar
This book is a compilation of narratives and mainly descriptives that I wrote as practice work for my IGCSE First Language English course. They are mostly unreviewed and...
  • narrative
  • wattys2017
  • landscape
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Her Emerald Eyes by _Nano_Rules_
Her Emerald Eyesby 🖤Jacquelin🖤
Um... my first story on Wattpad. So might not be great. The story is about Rainbow Dash falling in love with Aj but there is a problem. Applejack lost all her feeling ye...
  • rarity
  • sunset
  • scootaloo
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sunset lover|| Stanley Uris × Reader by greenteaaesthetic
sunset lover|| Stanley Uris × greenteaaesthetic
"Just stay a little longer..." -"Why" "Why not?" -"We can come back tomorrow" "But everything will be different tomorrow&quo...
  • fanfiction
  • losersclub
  • stanuris
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Ponies To Autobots by TriforceDragons
Ponies To Autobotsby Triforce Dragons
Sunset Shimmer, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk move to Jasper, Nevada to belong without fear. Primus turns them into techno-organic pretenders. Now, as Shimm...
  • teamprime
  • jack
  • smokescreenxoc
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Teletubbies: TAOTMT - Series 1 - Addition #3: "Grand Theft Garden" by Rearview_Mirror
Teletubbies: TAOTMT - Series 1 - Lucy Donovan
When flowers from Dee Dee's garden start to go missing, Cleo and Sunset are determined to help her find the thief. Teletubbies (C) Ragdoll Productions Slendytubbies (C)...
  • taotmt3
  • kevy
  • cleo
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Somewhat Similar {A TMNT and Transformers Cross-over.} by RedHatchet03
Somewhat Similar {A TMNT and RedHatchet03
SunSet and SideSlash are twin sisters. But they are very... Unusual. They are half human, half Cybertronian. There mother was human, while their fathers were split-spar...
  • bumblebee
  • crossover
  • tmnt
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A Ray of Sunlight by BChunter426
A Ray of Sunlightby BChunter426
Twilight, an introverted bookworm who had to leave her friends behind is new to Canterlot High. Sunset Shimmer is an estranged girl with a troubled past she desperately...
  • cute
  • sunsetsparkle
  • sunsetshimmer
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • baby
  • abe
  • wedding
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Teletubbies: TAOTMT - Series 1 - Addition #4: "Custard Master" by Rearview_Mirror
Teletubbies: TAOTMT - Series 1 - Lucy Donovan
When every custard machine in Teletubbyland stops dispensing Tubby Custard, the gang has to go to the custard facility and investigate. They soon learn that it wasn't a...
  • sunset
  • theadventuresofthemisfittubbies
  • deedee
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BEYOND by Sullenamorosia
BEYONDby Blace
Prose, poems and short stories. "There are stars flickering in the surface of our bequeathed heavens. Though not everything that glitters up there, attracting every...
  • moon
  • poems
  • stars
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