4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{62.}

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~*Cassidy's POV*~

"Ohhh...ayyyeee, Where's Xavier?" I screamed in pain.

"It's going to be okay Cassidy...Dr. Anderson just talked to Xavier two hours ago his plane should be landing soon." Courtney said passing mee the bucket of ice chips.

"Thanks...Ughh I wish he was here, I'm in so much pain."

"Well, Dr. Anderson is going to give you something to stop the pain because the contractions are 10 minuets apart...do you need anything else for now?"

"No, you can go get something to eat or something...I feel like I need to rest anyway."

"Okay, I'm gonna head to the Café...then to the gift shop to look at some stuff for the babies okay?!" She said getting up and headed towards the door.


"Be back in a bit." And with that she was out the door. After about ten minuets I got another contraction followed by a knock on the door.

"Come in..."

"Hey Cassidy...!!"

"Hey Travis...your back," I said smiling at the teddy bear and flowers he had in his hand.

"Yeah...I'm off now...just wanted to come up and wish you a good luck on the birth and to make sure your babies are healthy...I guess."

"Well, you can have a seat...But if your in a rush---"

"No...No its fine I have time to sit down...and just talk even though we don't really know each other." I laughed which caused a pain to shoot up in my pelvic area.

"Well, Travis...I really like the name...You know...well you don't KNOW...but anyway I'm having a boy and a girl and My Fiancee and I don't have a boy name yet...you mind if I----"

"Take the name and name your son Travis...I'd be honored."

"Thanks...Well, I never really got to thank you for saving my MoM's life that day...it was really tragic...I always tried to warn her about that guy but she was so called in love with him...What was I to do you know?!"

"Yeah...I understand...But how is your MoM...is she okay now?" he said with a big smile. I looked away trying to hold in my tears.

"Ehh emm...She uhh...My MoM...She died...a few months back...well two months ago."

"When she got hurt that day...she was fine afterwards but about a week or so later, she went into the hospital for stomach pains...I wasn't at home when she did but...She went in with stomach pains and it turns out she had Cancer also...Along with a blood clot," tears were now running down my eye's as the memories came back In a rush all at once. Travis got up and grabbed some tissue from the restroom.

"Thanks...I didn't mean to cry...it must be the...ehh emm hormones or the medication or something...I don't know."

"It's okay Cassidy...crying is good sometimes." he said grabbing my hand.

"Well...I don't know...you don't look like the crying type Travis."

"What do you mean by that?" he said smiling.

"I don't know...do you cry when you have to put people on the stretcher?"

"NO!!" he said plain and simple.


"So..." he repeated, mocking my attitude.

"When do you cry?" he inhaled. Holding his breath while thinking of a(n) answer until he spoke.

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