4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{14.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~


"Hey Xavier, guess what?" 


"School went great today, I made two cool friends named Nikki and Drew, and the best part is we’re all new, isn’t that funny!" Sadie said putting on her seatbelt and throwing her backpack in the back seat. 

"Yeah Sadie thats great I’m so happy for you, so did you just be yourself like I told you?" 

"Yeah thanks X, so how did your first day go?" 

"It went ... good I met a few friend’s, some people different from other’s. You hungry?" 

"Yeah, Really hungry hint hint *cough* tacos *cough*" She said with a big smile on her face. 

"Okay lil sis tacos it is." 

"YES, love you.." 

"Yeah yeah, don’t expect this every time I pick you up." 

"Yeah, yeah I know." 

"Hi, welcome to Taco Mayo, Are you ready to order" 

"What you want Sadie?" 

"I want 3 regular taco’s and uhh a nacho salad." 

"Damn Sadie, did you eat lunch?" 

"Yeah, I’m a growing girl you know!" I stopped and stared at her then glanced at her belly. 

"Uhh, Okay can I get 3 regular crunchy tacos a nacho salad and ... What do you want to drink?" 

"Uhh Dr.Pepper!" 

"... And a Dr. Pepper." 

"Is that it?" 


"Okay that will be 6.48 pull up at the first window please." 

"Okay that’s ... Xavier, well lookey here if it isn’t X Squared!" Heather said leaning on the window. 

"Hey Heather, didn’t know you worked here." 

"Yeah, I gotta pay for my senior packet some how. Is that your sister?" She said taking my money and putting it in the register. 

"Yeah, her names Sadie." 

"Hi" Sadie said leaning over on my side and waving to Heather. 

"Get back in your seat Sadie. Sorry yep, thats my crazy sister." 

"Awe she’s cute, here’s your food! You need any sauce?" 

"Yeah thanks." I said holding the bag open for her to drop the sauce in. 

"See you later Heather." 

"See yah Xsquared!" 

"Who’s she?" Sadie said taking a bite into her taco.  

"Stop talking with your mouth full doofus, she a friend I met today at school." 

"I like her hair, It’s cool, I wanna--" 

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