4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{46.}

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OMGee you guys are probley super mad at me for not uploading in a foreverwhile but here it is well ENJOY......

*~Cassidys POV~*

"See Asia I told you taking the elevator for now own will be easier,"I said as we walked into the cafeteria,As people gave us looks my strong emotional feelings tried to ignore..

"Hey..Cassidy,Asia...Over...Move...Over here."

"Hey,Baby heres your books...What took so long you never made it back to class..."I wined as we took a seat.

"Well,I will tell you later..Its something we have to talk about in private."

"Oh I understand,well can you save a seat for Courtney,and Richie and the rest of the gang Asia and I are gonna go get something to eat."

"Okay,Let me help to two up."

"WoW..Im so tired,I get tired so easy carring twins its even worse."

"I know how you feel,I mean the elevator is nice but I get tired just trying to standup on the elevator,"we both laughed in unison.

"Have you thought of any baby names yet for your little boy?"

"Umm Well,I like..NO...Love the name Kayro its just so cute and its not a origional name..."

"What does Rey like?"I asked as we stood in line.

"Well,he likes the name Kayden or Rorey..I like those two but he is extra stuck on those two names...Ughh,Asia Sighed...But for the middle name were going to use his great-grand father's name...Frankston."

"Awe those are some cute names,I reall like Royrey..But I know Xavier wont like that name,"I said grabbing my stomach and shaking my head.

"But...What ever you choose it will have to be original,Ohhh,WoW he is kicking like crazy..I just bet he is hungry."

"He better be,he's been kicking like crazy all day!!"

"We will see..."

"Ahh Cassidy..Asia,how are my mommy to be's doing today?"Ms.Smith..The lunch lady greeted us.

"Tired!!"We said in unison.

"hahaha,so what do you two want today?"

"Cassidy you can go first..."

"Okay Ms.Smith...I will have two hot pockets,double fries,and two bottle waters...Oh and a salad Im trying to watch my figure..."The lunch lady smiled then laughed a little and rang up the order.

"What about you Asia?"

"Okay I will...Ehh Emm,I willl have one fry two chicken sandwiches and a bad of doritos oh and a green icee."

"Okay..Well see you two ladies tomarrow and I want pics of the babies..."

"Okay Ms.Smith,"We said in unison as we exited the lunch line.

"There you two are!!"

"Hey Court,Richie!!"

"Hey,Cassidy and Asia...WoW it looks like you two brung lunch for the whole table..."he said grabbing at my plate...

"Uhh No,im starving..Ask Asia."

"No,Im hungry too..Sorry guys."The whole table laugh as lunch continued on as normal,We talked about more baby names what will happen after graduation etc. untill the bell rang for the next class.


*~Asia's POV~*

"Okay Class The semester Exam will begin after I pass out the last booklet...Okay you have the next 60mins. and the Test.Starts.NOW..."

"Ughh..Im not ready for this test..."Cassidy whispered as the teacher walked slowly around the class.

"Me Either,hey Cassidy..Is it me or is it hot in here?"

"Well Its warm..Not Hot..."

"Ohh..Ehh Emm...Mrs.Hubbard..May I go to the restroom?"

"After the test..Were not allowed to let the students out while testing."

"Well I..."

"Are you okay Asia?"

"Yeah..I just have to use the restroom...BAD!!"

"Well..I have to go bad..like now!!"

"After The Test Asia..."

"Well..I Mrs.Hubbard..My Water just broke!!"

"WHAT!?!?"I heard Cassidy say in unison with Mrs.Hubbard...As the class looked up from their test and stood in discust and amazement.

"I told you I had to go.."I said running out of the class with a red inbarrased face into the restroom.

"Is anybody in here?"

"Uhh..Yeah..Us,"two preppy skippers said while putting their makeip on in the mirror.

"Well Can you leave..PLEASE??"

"Were Not finished."

"Im Begging you to leave..unless you want to deliever my baby."

"Eww..Come on Amber..yuck..lets go!!"I droped to the corner and grabbed my stomach as pain crept up slowly causeing a jolt of pain to hit my back and pelvic area.

"Please..Pick up Rey...Please"

"Hey..Baby..Arnt you in school right now?"

"Yeah..Baby..My water broke..Ahhhh...My stomach..."I yelled

"ASIA...ASIA..You In Here?"

"Im over here?"I yelped in pain.

"Oh my god...Mrs.Hubbard just got the principal and called the Ambulance!!How much pain are you in?"She said grabbing paper towels and wetting them.

"Alot...Reys on the Phone...Rey?"

"Im still here baby..Im leaving now...Are you at school now or on the way to the hospital?"

"Im at school..But the ambulance is..Ohh...Onnn Ouchhh..."

"Hey..Rey this is Cassidy The Ambulance is on the way...So try to get up here as fast as you can okay!!"


"What did he say?"I said with the napkins on my forehead.

"Hes on the way..."

"How did you get out of the test,"I joked trying to calm my self sown.

"She let me leave..The whole class was in shock..It was weird."25 mins. later Mrs.Hubbard came into the restroom in a panic.

"Cassidy..Asia..here come the ambulance..."

"Excuse me Mam...Ms.Can you stand on your own?"The muscular ambulance man said.

"I..I think so."

"Can I go with her..to the hospital?"

"Im sorry..You cant because we cant risk your pregnancy also."

"Asia...There's Rey..he got here Quick"

"Yeah..Ohh...his schools not that far away..REY!!"I yelled as they picked up the stretcher and put me into the Van.

"Im Here baby..Can I go with her..?Im the father..."

"Yes,Sir you can.."

"Okay..Great..Cassidy,Can you give my keys to Xavier tell him to bring him up to the hospital..."


"See you later...Ahh..Cass..."

"Bye..."She said waving as the ambulance doors closed and drove off.


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