4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{71.}

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***ALL I CAN SAY IS ENJOY......***

*~Sadie's POV~*

"Is Travis here?"

"Um No...He just left...you wanna come in?" Carson said a little sleep.

"Sure..." I walked in and took a seat on the couch.

"So Uhh Sadie what are you doing here...do you have friends to go hang out with," He grabbed a(n) Ice house bear and took a seat next to me on the couch and turned on the television.

"Yeah, but they all live too far to walk and its about to rain." I shrugged my shoulders.

"You want a bear?"

"I'm 15...No thanks..."

"Awe...Come on its just a beer...It wont hurt I started drinking when I was 15...But then again I'm a boy so...what the hell," He took a swig of the beer with his head leaning back,

"Yeah...I smiled...Well since Travis isnt here I should probley," My sentence was cut short when a bold of lightning and thunder sounded loudly outside of the house, followed by pouring rain.

"Well, It looks like its pouring down now..." Carson go up and walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah...I'm gonna go." I whispered.

"You want anything to drink?"

"Well, Um what do you have?" I cleared my throat and walked into the kitchen.

"We got fruit punch...Beer...Of course, apple juice and Orange soda...See anything you like?"

"The orange soda is fine," I held out my cup for him to pour the drink.

"There you go...Hey you wanna watch a movie?...Or are you about to leave?"

"Yeah...um I'm gonna go after I finish my juice." I said taking a sip.

"Oh Okay...Well, I'll be back...I'm gonna go see what movie I wanna watch...Give me a holler when your about to leave...So I can lock the door."

"Okay I will...I walked back into the living room and took a seat, Changing the channel on the television....Hey Carson...!!??"

"Yeah...?" He said with about 4 or 5 movies in his hand.

"Do you have the premium channels?"

"You mean like HBO and stuff like that?" He grabbed the remote out of my hands.


"Yep...its channels 230 through 435...But at your age you shouldn't watch channels 400 through 435...if you know what I mean." He smiled and walked back towards his room.

"WHY NOT?" I yelled.

"You Just Shouldn't." I grabbed the remote from the spot he left it, and changed to the so called forbidden channels, My eyes got wide when I saw what was on the TV. My Thoughts were inturrupted when Carson stood in front of the TV.

"What did I tell you?" He said still smiling.

"Well, Its not like I haven't witnessed these kind of things before..." I said speaking before I think.

"Is That right?" he said One eyebrow raised.

"Umm...I looked down wishing I never said what I did...Yeah...It is." I stood up and gabbed my jacket.

"Well, I see your not as innocent as you look." I turned around.

"What is that supposed to mean Carson?"

"What ever you think it means...Sadie!!"

"How old are you?" I said changing the subject.

"If you must know...I'm 19...and a half.."

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