4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{79.}

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*~Carson's POV*~

"We can take her to my house so we wont have to wake Cassidy and Xavier" I suggested as Drew drove towards the apartment.

"Okay, How many cup of the punch did she drink?"

"I'm not sure two, three...I only had---"

"I could care less how many you drank Carson, I'm only worried about Sadie okay." Drew rose one eyebrow and looked over at Me as I held my head in pain.

"What's your deal Drew, I told you I like Sadie but It wont go any where, you're the won who can win her back." Drew's face frowned.

"I've tried to win her back, but she insisted we don't get back together, You don't know how it felt to dance with her again."

"Well, maybe it just was meant to be Drew. I mean if she hasn't came around yet, and who is Dawson?"

"Dawson is her NEW boyfriend, That's why its no use of us even trying, Drew looked through the rear view mirror Sadie was Sleeping silently laid across the seat...She is so beautiful, everything about her is."

"Who's Driving?" Sadie said waking up.

"Drew is, Sadie, are you okay?"

"Pull over, I'm not feeling so good." he pulled over the car and she unstintingly opened the door, Throwing up all over the pavement. Sadie started to cry in pain.

"Ugh, my head hurts...And my stomach is even worse."

"Its okay Sadie, were almost home."

"Okay..." and with that she fell a sleep again.

"Okay, were here...I'll go get Sadie you open the door." Drew jumped out the car and ran around to the other side of the car. After we got her safely into the house and on the bed, I placed the trash bin next to her just in case she had to throw up again.

"So about her car...Its still at the car."

"Oh, well her friend Nicki can bring it home, or I can pick it up tomorrow."

"Yeah, you can pick it up tomorrow...Somebodys gotta watch Sadie...Make sure shes alright." Drew said sounding worried.

"Okay...See you." I closed the door and went back to the room, Sadie was still asleep, I walked into the restroom and grabbed a towel and wet it the looked into the cabinet to get a few Tylenol and a glass of water.

"Sadie...Sadie...?" her eyes struggled to open.


"Yeah, hey take this and put this on your head." She rolled over on her side, half her body hanging off the bed. But she managed to smile and take the medicine.

"Thanks, ugh my head hurts."

"It might hurt even more in the morning."

"Ugh, I thought the punch wasn't spiked...!!" She shook her head then grabbed it in pain.

"You need to get some rest...I had a wonderful night Sadie." She smiled and laid her head on the pillow.

"Me too....Wait where are you going? Don't leave me...Please."

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