4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{52.}

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~*Cassidys POV*~

"Hey Cassidy,Sadie are you two ready to go?"Xaviers MoM said walking in to the lobby,Sadie on her phone and me half asleep in the comfortable chair.

"Hey Alexas yeah were ready,Come on sadie."

"Hey MoM,Anyway I saw this cute...."I tuned sadies conversation out as I struggled to shift my weight to get out of the chair.

"Oh Cassidy sweety to you need me to get you a wheel chair?"

"Oh No thank you Alexas..I got it thanks anyway tho."

"Okay well lets go."She said as we walked out the door and got into the car.

"So how did the ultrasound go Cassidy?"

"It went great,I finally convinced myself to just let the nurse tell me the sex of the babies."

"Oh that's great...I was gonna buy some girl cloths anyway."

"Well you have to buy boy cloths also,Im having a boy and a girl."I said felling the same way I felt when Asia suggested I was having two girls.

"Oh but Xavier said..."

"I was having two girl,"I said finishing her sentence.As she studied the road.

"Yeah..Well I thought..well that's even better.So Sadie how was your day?"she said changing the subject.

"Yeah,And that's when we decided to got to the mall..But you know how that went it truned out to be...Rite...Exactly it was boring at first but you know it started to be...."

"SADIE, did you hear me?"

"Oh sorry MoM..What did you say?"she said turning her attention away from the phone conversation.

"I said how was your day honey."

"Oh it was...well it was okay I guess, she studdered...Any way then we bought a few outfits then went to this cool 50s style resturant and that was just,"I tuned sadie's conversation out as my eyes began to get heavy.

"Oh Cassidy before you go to sleep I went over to your house and checked the mail box and you got an invitation to something I didn't open it."

"Oh okay thanks Alexas. Did I get anything else?"I said sticking the piece of mail in my purse.

"Um A letter from the pastor of the church your mothers funeral was held and a couple bills."She said smiling and passing me the other letters while at the red light.

"Thanks."I yawn then fell back asleep.Before I new it we were parked in the driveway of a place I couldn't recognize.

"Cassidy Wake up!!" Alexas' sweet voice echoced throughout my dream.

"Umm Im awake..Im awake.Whaa where are we Alexas?"I said wiping my eyes.

"Were at home silly.Come on let me help you out the car."

"Huh..This isnt your house nor mine...Wait is this it..Is this the apartment? My Apartment?"I said grabbing my stomach and walking as fast as I could up towards the door.

"Xaviers inside, go in go head."

"Are you coming?"

"Yeah, in a minuet. Go ahead."

"Okay...I opened the door....Xavier? You here?"the toilet flushed and out of the bathroom came Xavier's Tall 6 foot shadow from the hall..

"hey baby.. What do you think?"

"Its beautiful babe.... Very beautiful and its ours?"

"Yeah.. You wanna see the rooms?"he said kissing my lips and speaking between every kiss.

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