4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{15.}

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~*Cassidy's POV*~

"There you two are, Cassidy this is Sadie, Sadie this is Cassidy. Xavier’s friend." Xavier’s mom said with a big smile. 

"Um mom I’m suposed to introduse them remember?" Xavier joked. 

"It’s okay Xavier, Hi Sadie how are you?" 

"I’m fine, your very pretty." 


"Well everyone have a seat, have a seat." As we began to eat everyone was smiling and silent so I decided to break the silence. 

"Um, Alexas...I don’t want to sound weird but you wouldn’t happen to have any Cheese Whiz, I love eating cheese whiz on my pork chops?" I said studdering a little,when I said it. 

"Uhh, well I will go see I’ve never heard of people eating cheese whiz on their pork chops but, If you like it." She said getting up, and walking to the kitchen. I looked over at Xavier who was looking at me like he was confused, then I looked at Sadie who was paying more attention to the food on her plate than what I had just asked. 

"Well, Cassidy you’re in luck We have cheese whiz and it hasn’t even been opened yet, here you go." 

"Thank You." I said spraying the cheese whiz on top of my pork chop, and wishing I had pickles to add to It. 

"So Cassidy, how long had you been working at that Camp Zemba?" 

"Um, you mean Camp Zuma and I had been working there since I was 14 I really enjoyed it, being with the kids and teaching them how to have fun when there’s nothing to do in the summertime." 

"Well that sounds nice, I was sort of worried when Xavier went, but hey I was just being a mother you know what I mean?" 

"Uhh, yeah." I said sound as if I had asked a question. 

"Uh mom, So how was your day at the new company?" Xavier said changing the subject. 

"Well it was good it felt like the old company, I still work with a few of my old co-workers so its cool." 

"Eww, mom please don’t say It’s cool again." Sadie said with a scrunched up face. 

"Oh, I’m sorry Sadie, i mean it’s all good, its off the chain, it’s Gucci." She joked. We all began to laugh. 

"Eww, stop!!" I couldn’t control myself from laughing.

“Your family is hilarious Xavier, Um may I be excused?” 

"Sure, the bathroom is down that hall on the very end. 

"Thanks." Getting up from the table, I smiled then turned around then grabbed my mouth to stop myself from throwing up all over their beautiful antique rug that was under the table, as soon I was out of there sight and down the hall I ran to the bathroom and flipped up the toilet seat. 

"Ugh All of that yummy pork chop and green bean and mash patatoes down the drain, I guess the baby didn’t like the cheese whiz like I was craving." I thought to myself as I turned on the water to wash my face. 

"Hey, Cassidy, Are you done eating, my mom’s about to clear the table?" 

"Yeah, I’m done, go ahead." 

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