4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{55.}

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*~Cassidy's POV~*

[The Dream] [The Truth]

"Hey, Cassidy you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah...I mean it just that before I left we had that huge argument and then..."

"You broke up with me."

"Yeah...but you have to admit it was your fault and that's one thing you have a problem with is admitting things." I said with a sick look on my face.

"I know and look Cassidy I love you so much and would do anything for you...Can we start over?"

"Nilo...I don't think---" Before I could finish my sentence nilo's lips were connected with mine, and his hands were gliding his way down my back.

"Nilo wait..."

"Oh you're still not ready for sex yet?"

"It's not that its just....well"

"You don't want to have sex with me," he shrugged his shoulders.

"Nilo wait...its not that its just we need to start over, ask me about my day ask me something you always just into sex and then sit and wonder why I don't want to have sex yet....what if I get pregnant...or the day after we have sex you cheat on me again."

"I wont I promise...Cassidy I love you...look at me...I do."

"Really?" I said looking into his eyes.

"Yes really...And I promise I won't cheat on you again...that if you want to take me back."

"Okay...but if you do...I promise it will be over in a flash."

"So, how was camp?"

"It was great...I met some new people...you know did some new things."

"What kind of things," he said with one eye brow raised.

"You know rock climb and stuff."

"Uhh huhh."

"What...I smiled...I'm serious but I had fun."

"I know I'm just joking with you Cassie."

"Awe you called me Cassie again." I said in a baby tone.

"Yeah...so uhh how was your summer?"

"I was good, I went to football camp."

"What about the drugs?" I said plain and simple.

"Chaa, ehh emm what?" He said with a scrunched up face.

"You know what I mean...the steroids are you still taking them...does your coach know?"

"Cassidy don't start that again...I only took the steroid one time...and that was to help my leg I needed to win the game that night and----"

"You don't have to explain that to me."

"Well, I just thought I had to because you just won't believe me."

"Ugh here we go again...arguing are you sure we should get back together?"

"Okay...Okay no more arguing come here,"Nilo said cupping my face in his hands and kissing me firmly on the lips.

"I guess im ready now."

"You're ready to have sex?" he said while kissing my neck.

"Uhh yeah...I'm ready to have sex...ehh emm with you!!"

"Great...ah Cassie you don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that."

"Come on lets go to my room." I said grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom.

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