4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{12.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

"What the hell was he doing here! At my school of all places after he had the nerve to have sex with me more than once, then never call me again. That jerk, that ass face jerk." Was all I could think about as I sat in my seat with my face getting hot with anger. 

"What about you Cassidy, do you know the answer to X Times X?" 

"Uhh um 2X?" I said obviously not paying attention. 

"No Cassidy it’s---" 

"X Squared." Xavier said finishing the teachers sentence. I turned around to see him looking at me so I gave him a your going to die, don’t ever talk to me again asshole stare then turned around. 

"Correct Xavier, See class his first day and he know’s more answer’s than you all have answered in a day!" 

"*Cough* Show off *cough*" One of the kids hollered from the back. 

"Richie your about to get detention another outburst like that.”

“Sorry Mrs. Cope It won’t happen again … today!” The boy said.

“Okay. So when you guy’s come back on Wednsday were going to talk about the project that you need to graduate." Mrs. Copleman said as the bell rang. I rushed out the classroom and ran into the restroom just in time for me to throw up all of my breakfast and in class snack that I was dying to eat this morning, my emotions were all over the place I sat on the bathroom floor crying, and leaning my head back on the wall in the bathroom stall, when I looked down I noticed like a fool I had on Xavier's jacket, I started to laugh at the fact i still had feelings for this guy, then I got angry again and took it off, I had on a medium size shirt underneath so you couldn’t tell I was three weeks pregnant by that demon jerk of an ex boy friend. The one minuet bell rung so I gathered my things flushed the toilet again, washed my face then pulled a piece of gum out of my purse and walked slowly out of the bathroom looking left and right trying not to get caught by the hall monitor or any other lingering kids hanging out in the halls. 

"Cassidy! Hey, Cassidy." Xavier said breathing hard as he ran to catch up with me. 

"Leave me alone shit face, and here take your sweater back." I threw the sweater in his face and opened my locker. 

"We need to talk what lunch do you have?" 

"The lunch that your NOT in!!" I threw my books in my locker and walked into my second period class late again, closing the door behind me.


~*Xavier’s POV*~

My first day at my new school and to my surprise, my girlfriend or should I say ex girlfriend goes to the same school, I knew I could get away with being late cause I was new and all so I walked over to my second class and waited for lunch to find out more about Cassidy. 

"Hey Xavier, over here!" Heather yelled across the lunch room. 

"Hey you guys, what’s up?" 

"Nothing much!" The two said in unison. 

"How’s your first day Xavier?" 

"It was good, Cassidy rejected me!" 

"You talked to her! Your more than bold dude!" Heather said sounding shocked. 

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