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Deep Sleep (Complete) by rbwoods
Deep Sleep (Complete)by rb woods
Leah Archer was just 12 years old when she hit her head on a rock and fell into a coma, one that doctors weren't sure she'd ever come back from. But when she wakes up fo...
You're My Mate? But You're a GUY! (BoyxBoy) by LoveMeOrDie737
You're My Mate? But You're a Abie! last name you ask? None...
>>>COMPLETE<<< Kent has been waiting for his mate his whole life. What happens when he finds out his mate is the very male Blu? Will he give in and l...
KAISE JAANE DOON TUMHE!! by Pandeysoumya285
KAISE JAANE DOON TUMHE!!by soumya pandey
He wanted to hold her hand, but couldn't. He wanted to wipe her tears,but couldn't. He wanted to comfort her, but couldn't. After all, this was the rule of this new worl...
Wait?! They're awake? by xyzcHydro
Wait?! They're awake?by HydroDrop
Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, after fighting and sealing the nine-tailed fox in to there son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze fall in a deep coma. 13 years to be exect. Wh...
Four powered Spider-Man  by Mhablackhero
Four powered Spider-Man by Jordan Thompson
Izuku yagi he always wanted to be a hero but was known as quirkless he was neglected by his parents and abused by his sister and class 1a till one day bakugo told him to...
Trying his Best by qReveal
Trying his Bestby qReveal
Izuku is in a coma because of the sludge villian incident. How will Katsuki cope after seeing his boyfriend in a coma. [COMPLETED]
Married to a CEO whose in COMA [ Completed ]  by Jeonggukexe
Married to a CEO whose in COMA [ ggukass ⛓
[ Completed ] [ 12 Chapters ] Starring: Lee Y/N : as you Jeon Jungkook : as the youngest successful CEO " My forever exists only when it comes to you " . . ...
Lost trust by goadsgo
Lost trustby goadsgo
Trust delves deep into a relationship. The more you dwell in that relation, the more it builds. But once broken, it shreds your relation.
20 Texts and Memories by Tears_kipgen
20 Texts and Memoriesby Tears_kipgen
Book 2 [this is a continuation of ''tell me who you are or I'm gonna track you down''] ¡Please read the book 1 before reading this so that things could make sense! Y/n w...
Forgiveness and Punishment by ShelbyWinds
Forgiveness and Punishmentby ShelbyWinds
Pimpernel Lancaster has been bullied and hated by everyone in her life except her father. When he died her life changed, drastically. Unknown to her or her family her fa...
𝙼𝚈 𝙻𝙰𝚂𝚃 𝙼𝙸𝚂𝚂𝙸𝙾𝙽 [ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ Eᴅɪᴛɪɴɢ ] by Silently_xyl
𝙼𝚈 𝙻𝙰𝚂𝚃 𝙼𝙸𝚂𝚂𝙸𝙾𝙽 [ ᴜɴᴅ Child of Sanzu
Takemichi wants everyone to have a bright future. The moment he time leap to his past, he decided to save everyone and his best friend, Hinata. Since he know their futur...
Fifty Shades of best friends and lost love by Greyshadesofsteele
Fifty Shades of best friends and Yvonne
Ana is a freshman, and Christian is a senior in high school. Their paths cross when Christian nearly kills Ana with his car on the first day of school.
Bungou stray dogs: Dazai overdose  by _h_a_y_a_r_a_
Bungou stray dogs: Dazai overdose by Hayara
Ok ehm. I first had this Idea, when I saw a picture on pinterest ( I wrote a commetn about it, and was then asked if I was writing a fanfiction a...
Awake { taejin } by taejinIsGold
Awake { taejin }by Tᴀᴇᴊɪɴ ɪs ɢᴏʟᴅ
"you never really loved me did you?" ~k.t
Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy (boyxboy) by sempiiternal
Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy ( kirby s. graff
Damian Owens refuses to take his medication. He consistently ditches therapy sessions, and won't speak a word to the living. Timothy Edward Richard McKinnon is your ty...
SINK YOUR TEETH IN ME (boyxboyxboy) BOOK1 (EDITING) by writingqueenH
SINK YOUR TEETH IN ME ( Do I even have to tell you?
A new student transfers to Tyler's class and he instantly feels attracted to him.But there's also his brother's friend who he also feel attracted to. what happens when...
Broken // Noah Schnapp X Reader by schnapphardd
Broken // Noah Schnapp X Readerby schnapphardd
Life isn't fair. I know that and I have adapted. I never talk, I am very quiet and closed off. But there is one person that may be able to change that... OMG GUYS THANK...
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic) by slasheRR
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)by no thanks
The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The s...
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Loverboy // Dnf by treatywastaken
Loverboy // Dnfby treaty
George, a sad teen with only a few close friends due to his depressing past meets the idol of the school, Clay. Turns out Clays life is not as good as everyone makes it...
Imagination // Sam Golbach  by erahorizon
Imagination // Sam Golbach by Livealittle
Maybe I'm imagining everything. Maybe it's not real. Maybe it's all in my mind.