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Falling For Mr Billionaire || Book 1 ✔ by queensofsupreme
Falling For Mr Billionaire || queensofsupreme
"LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE." Benjamin came in shouting. "Babe, what's wrong." I asked but he just started laughing, I would always joke about saying bab...
Mistaken Identity (Old Version) ✔ by jollyreaderjennell
Mistaken Identity (Old Version) ✔by Jennell A. Brown
Kalliyah's twin sister, Alliyah decides to have an affair with an older man. The affair led to Alliyah getting pregnant. After couple months of taking care of the child...
After the Crash ✓ by cherrytree48
After the Crash ✓by a.
"It's day 10, Isla. I wish you would wake up. I've lost everything and you're the only person who understands." Bradley Monse used to have everything. He was t...
Coma : Dead Or Alive???✓ by riddhip92
Coma : Dead Or Alive???✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
Published Date : Aug 29 , 2020 Ended On : September 20 , 2020 So Another Story On Coma , Requested By Dia Jain , I Hope Would be Upto your marks So On My Another Coma St...
Killing Me Softly by beastlykisses
Killing Me Softlyby jenna
She was the light, no longer glowing ever since she was demoted to an Omega after an incident. Betrayed by her sister and disowned by her father, she began to kill herse...
Begin Again by SAnovels
Begin Againby sam
Savannah Jacobs is a 17 year old girl who goes to school and does normal things. Well that's what everyone thinks. Four years ago she was in a coma for six months when s...
I Saved The Alpha. (Watty Awards 2012) by CeilidhRink
I Saved The Alpha. (Watty Awards Ceilidh Rink
Ally Summers is on her own. Not forcibly, basically just because her mother drives her insane, and her dad isn't any help. After graduating college with a degree in Ph...
It All Started With An Apple by TaintedRain
It All Started With An Appleby ashley
Was published, but is now off the market--I'm sorry! Brianne is the opposite of her best friend, Kyla. Kyla is open-minded; Brianne is closed off, judgmental. Kyla is...
Wake up! (Lesbian story) by becauseimsecretlygay
Wake up! (Lesbian story)by becauseimsecretlygay
Is it possible to love someone you've never seen? This isn't love at first sight, this is even more.
Sarale🥀2 : Love De... by by_khaw_
Sarale🥀2 : Love by_khaw🇲🇱
Suite de saralé : love d'un mourant
They Saved Me (Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction) by greysanatomyweasley
They Saved Me (Grey's Anatomy greysanatomyweasley
I was an ordinary fifteen year old until my parents passed away and I was adopted by none other than the most berating, abusive people I could ever have imagined. When m...
Her Diary  by anushkasharma52
Her Diary by anushka sharma
Manik Malhotra, a 25 year old business man when wakes up from coma after a dangerous life he lost his memory for a temporary period. Everything was seeming new for him...
The Revenge that backfired by RohasJakhar
The Revenge that backfiredby Rohas Jakhar
What happens when you almost loose your love forever and then you get a chance to get it back . Will you hide it from the world, will you let it go ? It's a story of lo...
Handcuffed Bliss - Watty Awards... 2012 by vickyv
Handcuffed Bliss - Watty Vicky
18 year old Rudra is forced to marry 34 year old Ethan who happens to be a dad of an 18 year old himself. Can two culturally different people with an age difference of o...
Welcome to Gang Life by Fishbish101
Welcome to Gang Lifeby Ivory101
I've been telling myself for years that I wasn't good enough and the minute I'm finally ready to commit the won't fucking let me. That's because lif...
🌹•《Heine's Porcelain Flower _ RoyalTutor Fanfic》•🌹 by AbbieGabbie12
🌹•《Heine's Porcelain Flower _ アビーガビー♡◇
<<S L O W _ U P D A T E S>> Oushitsu Kyoshi Haine or The Royal Tutor This anime mainly consists of Heine helping the four princes; Leo, Kai, Bruno, and Licht...
Memory Jar | jikook ✓ by -jikookiejar
Memory Jar | jikook ✓by lowkey hiatus
Where Jimin leaves a bunch of notes in a memory jar for his boyfriend to read when he wakes up from a coma. [ a jikook fanfiction ] Started - 14.12.17 Finished - 18.09.18
A New Year's Kiss (BoyxBoy) by Jinglebean
A New Year's Kiss (BoyxBoy)by Jinglebean
"Happy New Year!!!" It was now or never. I pulled Alex's arm that I was still holding until he crashed into me in surprise. I put a hand behind his head and c...
My Own Personal Sun [A Jacob Black Story] by wonderstruck1313
My Own Personal Sun [A Jacob Allie Granger
Summer Robertson has just moved to Forks, Washington, and isn't expecting much. When her life is flipped upside down and she becomes friends with werewolf Jacob Black, s...
MewGulf/ The Best Mistake  by drumchuck
MewGulf/ The Best Mistake by Drum Chuck
They met threw a Mistake. Everything happend fast. Suddenly Mew, a café shop owner is involved with The Mafia son Gulf. Both have their own problems. Both have their ow...