4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{29.}

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~*Cassidy’s POV*~

I paced the floor for 15 minutes between taking a break to catch my breath, waiting on Xavier or the doctor to come and tell me my mother’s condition ... I was so worried seeing my mother shake and lay there hurt me more and knowing the sex of the babies with my mother being there would hurt me even more. 

"Hi, Cassidy ... I'm Dr. Anderson." 

"Is my mom okay?" 

"She’s stable and awake ... she lost a lot of blood, and that's what caused the coma." 

"So ... can, can I see her?" 

"Sure ... follow me." 

"Mom! ... I walked silently into the room ... Hi." 

"Cassidy...is that you?" 

"Yeah Mom it's me. Are you--" 

"You've gotten so big!!How long was I in a coma?" 

"A few months, but are you..." 

"It feels like a year baby your stomach is huge."I smiled when I noticed my mom playing her mind trick on me. 

"I see you're all right." I said giving her a hug. 

"Yeah ... Baby girl, Can you pass me that water bucket my mouth is so dry."She said coughing and trying to sit up. 

"Mom don't sit up ... You're still hurt." 

"Calm down Cassidy you always had a tendency to over worry!!" 

"Sorry ... here you go."I said handing her the cup. 

"What is today?" 

"It's the 23rd of November mom." 

"The 23rd! It's all most Thanksgiving ... Hopefully I will be able to get out of here before then." 

"Oh, Mom So I found out I'm having twins."I said Cutting her off and changing the subject. 

"What? Twins? Oh Cassidy." She said smiling. 

"Yeah I just found out..." 

"Wow ... Twins ... I was okay with one child but two...two grand kids... get out of here." She said sarcastically with a smile. 

"So you're okay with it?" 

"I guess so ... are you okay with it?" 

"Yes and No..." 

"Why are you standing all the way over there? Do you not want to be by your mama anymore?" 

"Sorry mom ... I don't know why?!" I said walking over and sitting next to her on the end of the bed. 

"You're so beautiful pregnant ... Because you know pregnancy isn't pretty on everyone." She joked. 

"Thanks...I think I look fat and ugly...but if you say so!!" 

"What about your friend Ashley?" 


"You know Ashley the other pregnant girl!!" 

"Ohhh Asia ... mom?  She's around here somewhere we were suppose to meet up she was having an ultrasound done too." 

"Ohh that’s good ... so are you having two boys’ two girls, a boy and girl ... what? What? What?" 

I don’t know I don’t want to know yet!!" I said laughing at my mom’s happy to shocked facial expression. 

"What do you mean you don’t want to know yet? Your having twins don't you want to know Cassidy?" 

"No ... but Xavier and his Mother is down stairs finding out now...can you walk?" 

"I don’t know ... I haven’t asked ... want me to call the nurse to grab a wheel chair?" 

"Yeah ... if you’re ready." 


"Yes Mrs. Ericson?" 

"Can you bring me wheel chair so I can walk around?" 

"Well I have to ask your doctor you just got out of a coma an hour ago..." 

"Okay."About 30 minutes later the doctor came into the room. 

"Candace ... What kind of stunt were you trying to pull?" He joked as he walked in. 

"What do you me?"She asked looking dumbfounded. 

"Candace ... you just got out of a coma no less than an hour and a half ago. There will be nothing but bed rest, fluids and food for the next two days." 

"Told you mom." 

"Yeah yeah whatever you say Doctor Anderson."My mom said turning her head. 

"Mom, I think the doctor was checking you out!" I said teasing her... Moving my eyebrows up and down. 

"Shut up preggos ... isn’t that what you kids say preggos?" 

"Yeah mom but I'm going to need you not to say preggos PLEASE. I don't even say that."I said putting my hands together like I was praying. My mom Coughed again then laid her head down...falling back to sleep. 

"Love you Mom!!" 

"Ummhm Love you too Cassidy." She said just before falling to sleep.

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