4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{22.}

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~*Xavier’s POV*~ 

"Xavier sweety. Can you come in her please?" My mother said as I walked into the house. 

"Yeah Mom ... What’s up?" 

"Xavier ... She cleared her throat … Its Cassidy she was in a car accident." 

"WHAT! … My eyes widened and my throat got dry … Is she okay?" I said with wide watery eyes. 

"Yeah ... Her mom said after she left school that’s when it happens." 

"Is Uh is the baby okay?" 

"Her mom said it was a pretty bad crash Xavier ... The baby may not have survived. Here the room number and hospital name.” She handed me a sheet of paper and gave me a hug. 

"Thanks mom ... I’ll be back later."

“Please be careful Xavier.” I ran out the house and back to my car. When I got into the hospital I was greeted by Cassidy’s mom. 

"Xavier... How are you doing?" 

"I’m fine Mrs. Ericson, is Cassidy all right" 

"The doctor said she had lost a lot of blood due to a head injury." 

"And the baby?" 

"There not sure … She took a deep breath … They ran some test to make sure oh and they’re doing the ultrasound right now to check up on the baby." She had a sly smile.

"Can I go in with her?" 

"I’m not sure but here is the doctor now!" 

"Sir...Sir...Um Hi is Cassidy okay?" 

"Yes, she’s in and out ... and kind of tired but right now she said she’s going to try and stay awake long enough for the ultra sound ... Pardon me asking but, are you the baby’s Father?" 

"Um ... I ...uh yes I’m the baby’s father!" I said shuddering and looking at Cassidy’s mothers brokenhearted face as she rolled her eyes to keep the tears from falling. 

"Well, I need to talk to you before we go in ... come into my office. Candace it was nice seeing you again, and when I get more details on Cassidy, I’ll be sure to let you know.” He said just before leading me down a long hallway and up a few steps as we reached his office. 


"Xavier!" The doctor cleared his throat and took a seat.

"Well Xavier... When the police and ambulance found Cassidy’s Car the speedometer was stuck on 75.5 miles per hour obviously too fast for a pregnant woman or any person for that matter to be driving ... Now I don’t know what happen before she got into the car but it cause stress in the baby which cause the baby to become breached or in other words shift positions and turn from its normal upside down state to a right side up position ... and the pain or contractions from that could have caused the car accident." 

"So the baby could have died because of stress?" I said knowing I’ve been the main reason of her stress. 

"Yes, either that or strangulation of the umbilical cord due to rotation of the fetus." The room stood still, the doctor blinked and began to file papers on his desk.

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