The area that she landed on was covered in a thick viscous mud from the heavy rain that poured down. In no time at all her entire body was covered in the muck from scram...
  • aliensex
  • world-building
  • scifi
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Dream Kings by mendesbible
Dream Kingsby Story Writer: Jemay
He just stares at me. I feel so conscious about myself but when he speaks, I know they're pure. "God." He says as he wets his lips, "You're so beautiful...
  • drama
  • fanfic
  • fiction
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Lovely Writing System by Yansusustories
Lovely Writing Systemby Su Su Yan
Su Yan always wanted to be an author. Being moved by his determination (Well, in fact, she was just an avid reader of his fan-fictions and wanted him to write full time...
  • uke
  • boyxboy
  • 1x1
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ODIUM »»» PJO FanFiction by BlueCiffee
ODIUM »»» PJO FanFictionby BlueCiffee
Odium \ odi·um \ ˈō-dē-əm \ (n.) widespread hatred or disgust for someone. ➤➤➤ "She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half godde...
  • travis
  • genderbender
  • goddess
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RAPPER IMAGINES by daslumpgoddess
RAPPER IMAGINESby Stokeley Pokeley🤧💛
I TAKE REQUESTS! I GIVE CREDIT FOR INSPIRATION! Imagines made by: me, director: me, executive producer: me producer: me, editor in chief: me, author: me DASLUMPGODDES...
  • celebrity
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  • poetry
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Boyfriend Cardigans & Leggings | Misc. by kmbell92
Boyfriend Cardigans & Leggings | M...by K.M. Bell
"Once I realised that I owned six of the same shirts in the same colour, I entered the existential crisis that I might be a cartoon character in a real world."...
  • oneshots
  • misc
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gone girl » billy hargrove by snxwscene
gone girl » billy hargroveby ルー
»I need someone to show me The things in life that I can't find. I can't see the things that make true happiness; I must be blind.« ... in which two lost souls you...
  • 80s
  • writing
  • billyhargrove
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Voltron //one shots//  by VinzTea15
Voltron //one shots// by VinzTea15
Voltron legendary one shots! All in the title, for all you lovers of this Fandom, enjoy these adorable dorks! Shiro? Hunk? Keith? Lance? Allura✨ Pidge ? So many to choos...
  • oneshots
  • matt
  • vld
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SPARK // Enoch O'Connor by rzvenclzw
SPARK // Enoch O'Connorby -madeline-
"Hey wait there a second, invisible boy. I never said I had feelings for Enoch." "Oh please," he scoffed. "The romantic connection between the t...
  • fantasy
  • death
  • creepy
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How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide by KatherineArlene
How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comme...by Katherine A. Ganzel
How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and...
  • guidelines
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Langst: One Shots by MeelzOnWheels
Langst: One Shotsby MeelzOnWheels
So this is going to become a big thing of little one shots that I do. Here is where I'll post those little fics.
  • sad
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NoT oVeR yOu by ArianaGrandeBabe
NoT oVeR yOuby Möönlight Bäë
**Camila found out she was pregnant. She didn't want the baby, so after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she gave her up to her ex y/n. Y/N has been taking care o...
  • jealousy
  • laurenjauregui
  • normanikordei
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Wattpad 101: Your guide to the world of Wattpad by elementalcobalt
Wattpad 101: Your guide to the wor...by Dorian T. Chase
So you just started an account... Or maybe you've been here a while and you just aren't getting a feel for things. Well Dorian is here to help you out! Here is an ongoin...
  • nonfiction
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Audacity. | Harry Potter by siriusblackisdead
Audacity. | Harry Potterby ◈siriusblackisdead◈
Harry Potter considered himself to know just about everyone in Gryffindor house. But somehow he managed to slip over Freya Majors. Which in all honesty was a feat in its...
  • love
  • harrypotterlovestory
  • slytherin
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how to write fanfiction / wattpad rants by yellowbeesknees
how to write fanfiction / wattpad...by adara
❝ well that book was shit ❞ - my inner monologue yeah, I know I'm in no position to say anything but I just read a really shitty fanfiction and now I'm mad. a quick tour...
  • helpbook
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| Inked | (George Weasley) by Jamie_writes_
| Inked | (George Weasley)by Jamie
Olive Lark was the most introverted and shy person you'd meet at Hogwarts. With a rather heavy addiction to writing and a small ring of friends, you would never find her...
  • shy
  • blackcat
  • fredandgeorge
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Harry Potter ⚡️ || Instagram by theEEKstoryteller
Harry Potter ⚡️ || Instagramby theEEKstoryteller
Welcome to....................Harry Potter ⚡️ || Instagram After the Hogwarts students left Hogwarts, they stayed friends and made new ones, created accounts on Instagra...
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • wattys2018
  • cedricdiggory
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♥ THE CUPID AWARDS 2018 ♥ by BEHaynes
♥ THE CUPID AWARDS 2018 ♥by B.E.Haynes
Welcome to the first season of the The Cupid Awards and get ready to fall in love all over again! ♥ Created to aim the spotlight on all writers of romance, heartbreak, s...
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The Beauty of Coincidence (boyxboy) by JosslynWho
The Beauty of Coincidence (boyxboy)by AlexandriaBo
After his eldest brother passes away, Reynold Deighton becomes the one to run his family's business. While he would much rather continue attending university, he feels a...
  • gay
  • manxman
  • pain
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How To Write Stories People Will Love by Zoe_Blessing
How To Write Stories People Will L...by Zoe Blessing
If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how...
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