4weeks+summer camp=9months pregnant{58.}

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"WHAT are you serious...Dude!!"

"Yeah..but I'm gonna meet then..I mean I'm the only child...well basicly the forgotten child and I don't know something is just telling me to meet them, and I have to go pick up some stuff from the old house and put it in a U-Store It storage center cause I cant leave it at the house."

"Okay but when you go I'm going too---"


"Yeah, I wanna see if it's any family resemblance and hey your brother may be hot..."

"COURT!!" I said pushing her shoulder.

"What you never know...I'm just gonna check him out..."

"CHECK WHO OUT?" Richie said walking into the wrong part of our conversation.

"Hey Richie...Are you ready for the trip?" I said changing the subject as he gave me a slight hug.

"Yeah..uhh you seen Xavier or David?"

"Yes he's at the bag check and NO I hav'nt seen David yet."

"Okay see you in a sec court," Richie gave her a kiss that made Courtney go off into space.


"Uhh wha...sorry hey where did Richie go?"

"he walked off..that way." I pointed in the opposite direction.

"Ohh well what were you saying?"

"Ughh Never mind Court."

*~Xavier's POV~*

"Cassidy, the plane is leaving in 15 minuets...Oh and Richie said meet him at the bag check."

"Okay...See you tomorrow Cass."

"Okay...See yah...ughhh Do you have to go?" She wined as she put her head on my chest...

"Awe Cassidy...he stroked my hair...Yes but I will be back in A month...promise and your gonna have the babies any day now so you will see me again...SOON!!!"

"I know...So did you miss me when I left to live with your MoM?"

"What do you think...Hell yeah I missed you...Then you left so quick after the graduation I didn't get a chance to give you this..." I said standing up and digging into my Windows XP Computer case.

"What that," She said through her giant smile.

"OMG Xavier!!!"

"Cassidy I know we've had out ups and downs and downs...and downs but we always seem to find a way to put it in the past and let it go...And I know one thing besides our love for each other that's keeping us together is the twins...So what I'm trying to say is...I took a deep breath...Will you----"

"Xavier, honey the plane is leaving in 8 minuets," My MoM said running up and grabbing me off the floor and pulling away.

"XAVIER!!" Cassidy yelled while trying to get up from the very uncomfortable Airport chair.

"CASSIDY...WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I yelled almost falling when my mother let go of my jacket and turned around. Cassidy woddled over to me as quickly as she could. Grabbing my face.

"YES...YES...I WILL!!!"

"Great...give me your hand...Quick," I slid the ring onto her left hand kissed her on the lips, gave Sadie and My MoM a hug and ran off towards the Airplanes.


"Okay!!" And with that I was on the plane saying goodbye to the airport...well not for long.

~*Cassidy's POV*~

"Did he just say...MARRY," Alexas said still in shock while holding my hand.

"WoW Cass that's a nice ring." Sadie said taking a closer look.

"Where did he get the money for a ring like that....?!?!"

"I don't know...I took a deep breath and sat down in the nearest chair...I really don't know and it's a blue diamond..."

"Well, that's all fokes there gone...ahhh my man...your man!!!" Courtney said as she exited the elevator with tears in her eyes.

"Court...LOOK!!!" Courtney wiped her tears and walked closer to the surprise gift.

"Oh my FN god...look at the size of that thing...that an engagement ring...RIGHT?"

"Yup...isnt it beautiful Court?"

"Beautiful...YES Gourgous...HELL YES...ohh sorry for the language Ms. Newsome."

"It's Okay Courtney."

"But...yeah he purposed to me...I'm still in shock."

"You I'm in shock too..."

"Why?" I said looking confused.

"Because Richie finally said he was crazy, mad in love with me!!!"


"Uhh Huh," Courtney and I started to yelp in excitement as the babies began to kick in excitement I was guessing.

"Well, We'd better get going it's almost 8am and I know your tired...Sadie has already fell asleep in the chair over there."

"WOW can you get up Cass...that ring must be making your body feel even more heavy," Courtney joked.

"Ohh ha ha ha...but I got it."

"Okay...Well I will see you later okay Cass...And it was nice to see you again Ms. Newsome."

"Nice to see you again Courtney," Alexas said nicely while struggling to get Sadie up and awake.


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