Relax... Sure

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Lillie's POV

"Feels good to be back where we started," I smile and take a big breath of fresh air.

"I agree," Ash does the same thing.

Hau'oli City feels so small now that we've been through all of Alola. The tall grey building weren't as intimidating anymore and they blended in with the grey clouds above. The gentle Alolan breeze wasn't as gentle as usual and I felt like we could fly down main Street.

People must all be taking shelter because we were some of the only beings I could see. I don't have a good feeling about this... Ash had different thoughts though.

"This is going to be awesome!" Ash cheers as we continue along the road. He stopped once he noticed my uneasy face. "Lillie?"

"It's nothing," I try to smile.

"Don't worry about the weather," Ash gives me a comforting smile and grabbed my hand tightly. "We've beat a tsunami before and that magical glowing feather has got to do something special at some point."

"You're right," I rest my head on his shoulder. "We wouldn't have it if it was pointless."

"Now where are we going again?" He asks.

"What would you do without me?" I tease him.

"Lose six leagues," Ash laughs sadly.

"Don't worry," I smile. "With me you can't lose. And it starts at Ilima's house where Mina said it was."

"Now I remember," Ash scratches his neck. "Where is-"

"Right there," I point to the only mansion in the area.

Ilima is a humble person but his house says otherwise. A pool could be seen through the black fence that surrounded the place. The white siding gave it a familiar look to me and the maroon roof finished it off.

We continued our walk up the driveway and to the front door. The wind thankfully calmed down so we could hear the doorbell ring.

The pink haired trial captain opened the door with a greeting and led us to some sort of a dining room. Lana was also here so I assume that she is our second opponent. "Hey guys," She smiles which we returned.

"I should have expected you to be Ash's partner," Ilima smirks. "Since basically all of Alola saw 'the moment'."

I'm assuming 'the moment' is when I hugged him after my tournament victory. I recount that day and blush at my actions. But without them I may not be here right now.

"Can we battle now?" Ash asks impatiently.

"Follow me," Ilima smirks and we follow him out the back door. I looked at him confused as he lounged in one of the deck chairs. Except it was no normal deck chair. He lifted one of the bright white arms and the pool started shaking.

A glass tube shot out of the water. Water splashed along with it as it wove it's way towards us. "A tunnel?" I question even though the answer was not needed and pretty obvious.

I crawled through the tunnel over the water very cautiously even though I'm the last one to go through. The tunnel slowly descended underground into darkness. Dim light allowed me to see Ash's feet but that was it.

Eventually the area became lighter and wow. I figured a battlefield would be visible soon but not one like this... "1...2......18," I count out loud. Eighteen different polka dots covered the field. The room was as big as the field with no outside area whatsoever.

"Welcome!" Ilima booms along with the echo that enhanced the sound. "How do you like it?" The number eighteen kept ringing around in my head until finally.

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