Goodbyes and Doubles

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Bonnie's POV

"You guys are leaving!" A bunch of us exclaim.

It's the morning of the third round and our whole group is upstairs enjoying breakfast all together. But apparently it's the last time we'll all be together here since Hannah and Ajat are leaving.

"Why?!" I ask quickly.

"The Kalos league," Ajat states. "The new season starts tomorrow and I don't want to lose a second of training, catching, and battling."

"He follows his mentor too well," Hannah jokes with a small sigh. "Plus I wouldn't mind having more time to get ready for Pokémon performing since it'll be new for me."

"I can't wait to start this new challenge and win the Kalos league!" Ajat cheers.

"Well good luck to you two then," Lillie smiles.

"When do you leave?" Cilan questions with his thinking face. "As an aerial connoisseur I know that a limited amount of flights make the journey from Alolan to Kalos."

"Umm, right after we're done eating," Hannah sweat drops.

"Way to give notice," Brock chuckles.

"Well after I loss, we did lots of searching to see where to go next," Hannah explains. "And after we remembered the Kalos region, yesterday's battles were already going and we didn't want to be a distraction."

"So this is it for awhile then," I frown and they nod sadly.

"And we should get going so we don't have to fly there," Hannah motions to Ajat for him to finish up quickly.

"That's a long way for one Pokémon to fly," Dawn giggles trying to lighten up the mood.

"Two Pokémon can do it though," Ash smiles at me and I lighten up.

"As long as the trainer doesn't jump off at the end, it works pretty smoothly as well," Lillie adds while giggling.

After a little bit more small talk Hannah and Ajat leave towards Kalos. We all say our goodbyes and they disappear in the elevator. Then I catch a suspicious look from Kyred that was aimed at Olivia. Kind of like he's trying the win the "no, you tell them" argument.

"Guys we also have news," Kyred sighs. "Olivia, Sydney, and I are heading back to Johto..."

No one bothers asking why, we just wait for them to say. "All of Sydney's friends are old enough to leave on their journeys and my sister doesn't want them to wait any longer for her."

I look over at one of my best friends who is looking down at her feet.

Olivia speaks up to give Sydney more time. "And I thought getting out of Alola would be good for my competing. Also I want to stay with Kyred even though he exited in the first round."

"Wowwww," Kyred rolls his eyes jokingly.

"We leave tonight," Sydney informs us while still looking down.

"Then we have all day together!" I smile. "And I already have a good idea for us to do."

"See Sydney," Kyred says. "Bonnie isn't mad."

"Of course not," I state. "I can always go to Johto anyways."

"She says that so simply," Ash laughs.

"Let's not waste a second then," Sydney cheers and stands up and I get up too.

"Moon come on," I say.

She looks at her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow, but he only shrugs in return. "Alright," She smiles and walks behind us.

"They're all really confused right now," I point at them before the elevator closes.

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