Its About Time

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Ash's POV

"How was that?" I laugh as I walk into the box.

"A perfect set up," Kukui replies. "Our field team put a lot of effort into this battlefield too."

I take my first good look at it and wow. Psychic could be seen radiating off the ground and it was holding up several mini islands. They weren't much larger than Torterra and they were solid stone. The pointed bottoms gave a very old age dragon feel to the islands.

The moonlight Pokémon and the ninja Pokémon were on their respective sides of the battlefield. Both waiting for the first commands of the battle...

"Umbreon use dark pulse!" Lillie yells. She reared her head back before shooting the dark type attack forward.

"Dodge," Hau orders. Greninja jumped on one of the platforms and the dark pulse didn't hit its mark. "Now use water shuriken."

"Deflect with a shadow ball storm," Lillie commands.

The small water ninja stats and the just-as-small shadow balls collided. They were like smoke bombs going off in the sky as the two Pokémon continued to release the attacks.

"Umbreon is doing pretty good so far," I comment as the two continue to dodge any attacks fired.

"Yeah but with no effective or super effective attacks I don't think they can win," Kukui states.

"Lillie can do it," I smile confidently.

"We will see..." Kukui says.

Lillie's POV

"Dodge!" I yell as Greninja goes flying by Umbreon with an aerial ace. "Now go for a stroll from island to island."

She listened perfectly and used her agility to its top potential. Greninja was trying to keep up but his head was moving widely. Then his body started to become a little less balanced. Not something seen very often in the ninja frog. He's confused...

"Umbreon use iron tail," I order.

"Greninja defend yourself easily with aerial ace," Hau orders.

"You didn't notice," I smirk.

"Wha-" Hau started but then the events unfolded. Greninja was swinging around everywhere with little force. "Focus."

Greninja did and then gave himself a full powered aerial ace to the face. Umbreon finished her descent and landed the steel type attack. Greninja was down for a bit before shaking his head and getting back up. I should have expected him to get back up.

"Umbreon back up!" I yell before Hay could order a quick hit.

"You too," Hau follows. "It's our time to confuse, use double team."

The identical copies jumped around everywhere. They would disappear for a second before reappearing somewhere else. "Close your eyes!" I yell. Her red eyes were now covered as her ears perked up. Smart, we'll win this with hearing.

Greninja's jumping was still going as no more attacks were ordered. Until... "Greninja use ice beam." Hau orders.

It was impossible for Umbreon to dodge the right beam of light blue energy so I didn't order a counterattack. Instead I focus on the next sequence. The Pikachu lover was frozen solid in midair causing her to fall toward the ground. The collision freed her but pain was evident and the end is near.

"Greninja get down there with night slash!" Hau yells as Umbreon get herself to her four slim legs.

"Umbreon use psychic on the two islands Greninja is about to go past," I order quickly. The psychic field helped Umbreon take control of the land masses as Greninja dives down. He was unable to stop as the islands closed together quickly because of Umbreon. This led to him getting crushed and instantly falling down to the ground.

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