Ketchum versus Aether

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Ash's POV

This is it... again.

Same situation as a year ago but somehow it's completely different. Last year I had a good feeling on how it was going to go, Charizard vs Greninja. Everyone knew it was going to end with those two, and maybe I should've expected the result too since not many things can stand up to artificial bonds.

The thing is though, that's all in the past.

One thing I've lived by is using every loss, every win, and every Team Rocket interrupted battle to get better at what we do. That way we're always getting better...

But we have to prove it.

That is what's been missing the past six major leagues. Close isn't good enough anymore...

So we better win this battle.

And how hard can it be to defeat six more Pokémon...

Today we will be having a field change after three Pokémon from each side are unable to battle.

To start off we have a standard rock battlefield.

It looks kind of similar to the one Pikachu and I battled for our first gym badge on. Just on a much larger scale.

Trainers release your first Pokémon!

I take a look at the giant scoreboard at the end of the stadium to see my face with six blank spots under it. Beside is Gladion's with the same spots, until his first one shows a face of his Weavile.

"Pikachu it's been nine years since we first embarked on our journey, let's take the first step to becoming the greatest team ever like we did that day," I smile. "But without a leash this time."

"I want to eat dinner at a reasonable time today Ash," Gladion smirks.

"Get ready because Pikachu and I learned some old and new tricks," I announce. "Pikachu I choose you!"

He runs off my shoulder and onto the dusty and rocky field. The cheers become louder as my signature Pokémon makes his debut. This is going to be fun...

Ash...Gladion...Let the battle begin!

"Pikachu stay back and get your electricity going."

"Weavile keep your distance."

Looks like this battle is getting off to an intense start. It's going to be hard to make a impactful first move with a basic attack so I need to come up with a way to get this battle going full speed.

"Pikachu run in with iron tail!"

Pikachu is mmediately bolts forward with a thin trail following due to the speed. Gladion smirks and Weavile gets ready for action. "Meet it halfway with metal claw."

Weavile is way faster than I expected, within a few seconds he's almost to Pikachu and it won't be good if they meet head on. "Pikachu spin right by him!"

It's impossible to see exactly what's happening but they Pikachu turns himself into a spinning torpedo and he slips right by the running dark and ice type. "Turn and fire a quick thunderbolt!"

Pikachu slides into the ground and dust flies up to mark a path through the dirt. He sparks his cheeks and releases the attack I've probably seen the most. Weavile doesn't even have time to turn around before the electric type attack nails the first hit of the battle.

"Let's go!" I cheer.

"Not so fast," Gladion flips his hair. "Weavile use avalanche!"

The Pokémon that is looking my direction smirks and raises his black arms in the air. The red piece that comes out from behind his head enlarges and a tidal wave of snow and massive pieces of ice appears behind Pikachu.

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