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Ash's POV


I'm still not feeling any for some reason so it must've been a quick attack.

But I still feel pretty conscious of my surroundings...

I open my eyes and my vision turns a bright pink. I feel myself walking backwards slowly until stumbling over an uplifted brick. "Ow," I groan once I feel the sharp material pierce through my clothing.

I shake my head a few times to reset my brain. That pink glow wasn't my vision failing, it's the same thing that I remember seeing when Mewtwo restored my memories a long time ago. Pikachu who is still weak from the earlier battle, is laying behind me with a painful look in his eyes.

"Look buddy," I feel my confidence starting to come back. "It's Mew."

I watch the small pink Pokémon stop MewThree's attempt while curled up into ball. Her protective pink shield is enough to make the artificial Pokémon stumble backwards. She flies away to my side with a big smile on her face.

"Ash! Pikachu!" She chirps happily.

"Hey Mew," I sweat drop. She does realize that Giovanni is trying to kill us right?

"Of course," Giovanni growls. "A legendary Pokémon has to show up and save the day."

"Killing me is not a simple task," I smirk. "Sorry Giovanni but artificial can never beat the real thing."

"Hilarious," Giovanni starts laughing evilly. "It took millions of dollars to develop this Pokémon, you really think I didn't learn the first time?"

"MewThree is far more superior than its ancestors," Giovanni declares. "Mew's psychic power is special for sure, but what can it do against a psychic and dark type?"

"Ash let's get them," Mew cheers playfully.

I nod amusingly. "How about we battle and see?" I smirk.

"Don't smirk Ketchum," Giovanni warns. "It doesn't suit you, MewThree use night slash!"

The Pokémon rises in the air like a robot, it shoots forward and knocks Mew into a wall. I look at in fear while it returns to its starting position. "Not bad eh?" The boss smirks. "Dark pulse."

"Protect!" I yell. Mew's pink shield gets up just in time to deflect the purple stream of energy. Giovanni is going to be on the offensive for the whole battle, like I was in my early days. I lost a lot so I know how to beat him...

"Night slash again MewThree," Giovanni smirks.

"Stop it with blizzard!" I yell.

MewThree was flying so it has no ground to use to keep it steady. The storm of snow and ice swirls around the altar, effectively spinning the psychic type in circles. The Pokémon has no control up in the sky and I start to smile after seeing my recent dream come true.

Ice starts to form around the Pokémon. Mew stops the blizzard and MewThree lands on the ground, encased in a capsule of ice. "Mew let's finish this!" I pump my fist. "Use megahorn!"

Mew somehow grows a massive horn on the top of her head. It starts spinning rapidly and she shoots through the air like a torpedo. She swerves through the air to make it exciting before colliding with MewThree.

The ice shatters around her as she delivers the final attack of the battle. Mew hits it so hard that MewThree gets pushed into the ground. Mew stops the attack and flies around happily. I pick up Pikachu and put him on my head.

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