Final Four

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Lillie's POV

"Paul was right," Moon says stunned.

The stage is covered by a Misty terrain, leaving the whole area with a pink daze. Bright pink spores move around the stage in gusts as Kirlia and Hannah dance around. Long arm movements from the ballet inspired dance look really nice but very similar to their last appeal.

"Come on Hannah," Ajat sighs. "She worked so hard for this."

"Hannah seems to be enjoying it though," I add. "Isn't that what matters?"

"I guess," The Pokémon trainer replies.

Kirlia uses psychic to lift Hannah into the air. The pink spores follow, making it look even more beautiful but the appeal is coming to an end. Kirlia gracefully lets Hannah fall down to the stage and they finish with a bow.

"Judges?" Sarah gives them their cue.

"Elegant and you showed how in tune you are with Kirlia," Lusamine says. "8."

"Really nice appeal but repetitive, 6," Kahili states.

"Same as Kahili, 6," Lorelei says.

"That give Hannah a 48 overall and is currently fourth place!" Sarah announces. "Time for Emily to try and take her spot in the battle round."

The small green, flower crowned Bellossom comes out and Emily immediately starts. "Sunny day!"

Bellossom fires the red orb straight up and then it shoots straight across towards the setting sun. She must need the extra sunlight for something...

Now with the sunlight pouring down onto the stage, "Petal blizzard."

Pink oval shaped petals appear from Bellossom's outstretched arms. They swirl all around in the it as the white haired girl makes her way onto the ground. Emily starts spreading her arms back and forth, creating an angel in the fallen flower petals.

"Bellossom dance around with sweet scent," Emily commands from the ground. The sweet smelling attack fills the air and gives a pink aura to the petals.

She starts dancing around her trainer who is moving her arms with Bellossom's movements. Emily's appeal is as beautiful as Hannah's but also has the sense of smell.

"Magical leaf straight up!" Emily begins the ending. The sharp, sparkly leaves start their ascent while the purple coating uses the amplified sun to glow.

"Start spinning with leaf blade!"

Emily runs over to her Pokémon and Bellossom and lifts her up into the air. The flower Pokémon's hand turns into the sharp extended blade. It glows bright green and easily slices through the falling leaves, leaving purple sparkles everywhere.

Emily guides Bellossom up and down her arms and head as she finishes slowly. The crowd claps as my mom gets ready to start off the judging.

"Absolutely beautiful," She gushes. "I'm also a big fan of Bellossom and you showed her traits perfectly, 10."

"Very well put together," Kahili states, "9."

"Textbook appeal, 8," Lorelei says.

"Another 27 gives Emily a 54 in the appeal round, giving her third place so far!" Sarah announces.

"Two in, one out so far," Ash states.

"Hopefully Olivia will be number three," Kyred states.

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